Even though the Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis cannot deny same-sex couples marriage licenses, she is still refusing to issue them. Lawyers are currently filing a motion to find her in contempt of court for ignoring the high court ruling. She told reporters that she was acting “under God’s authority” by not issuing the licenses to same-sex couples in her community. Discuss

If there’s anything that will brighten your morning, it’s this clip taken from the Australian Today Show of an unfortunate weatherman awkwardly falling into a pool on live TV. Discuss

Activist group The Center for Medical Progress has released another one of their secretly filmed videos showing vendors for Planned Parenthood discussing the business relationship between the abortion provider and fetal tissue research groups. The latest video also shows the “Procurement Manager” at a group called Advanced BioScience Resources graphically discussing inducing “fetal demise,” having an intact fetus that “just fell out” while trying to prevent a live birth and complaining that in most cases, “the abdomen is always ripped open.” The embedded video below is heavily edited, though a full version is available on the group's website. Discuss

A news station in Texas has obtained a video—apparently shot by a bystander—that appears to show sheriff deputies shooting and killing a shirtless man who has his hands raised in the air. The video seems to be at odds with their own version of the event, in which they say after they encountered an injured woman holding a baby following a domestic-violence call, they then spent 20 minutes attempting to subdue a suspect who was armed with a knife. According their report, they used both a Taser and a shield before shooting Gilbert Flores. In the video however—which is graphic—Flores is seen standing still with his hands in the air before officers shot him at point blank range. The incident is being investigated and two of the deputies are on administrative leave. Discuss

Sometimes, the world can be an unfair place: Executives at NBC have officially canned a planned reboot of the sitcom Coach. According to Deadline, “response to the reboot had been mixed, with some sources indicating that it felt dated.” We’re assuming that by “dated,” they mean dated for a future time when comedy has ascended to its pinnacle and people have reached elevated states of intelligence and understanding, and can finally grasp the full genius of Craig T. Nelson, Jerry Van Dyke and Dauber Dybinski. Though there is still a possibility that Netflix or another network may purchase the show—which picks up 18 years after the original went off the air—something tells us that it will be at least another 18 before society is at a place where it can even be appreciated. Farewell, Coach reboot, some things are just too beautiful for this world. Discuss

Risen operates under a pretty unique premise for a biblical film. In the movie, Joseph Fiennes plays a Roman official tasked with finding the body of Jesus after the resurrection. In an interview with USA Today, Fiennes said that the film, which also stars Harry Potter’s Tom Felton, is an “ incredible noir detective tale” that “takes us on this journey through the eyes of a nonbeliever." His character, Clavius, does not believe in the supernatural, and must interrogate Jesus’ followers in an effort to find out what happened after the crucifixion. Fiennes told the paper, “The Bible is the most extraordinarily rich source of narratives, featuring the most beautiful stories ever written or handed down." Risen hits theaters in January. Discuss