Burger King got jokes.

The fast food chain dressed up one of their restaurants in Queens, New York as the "ghost of McDonald's" for Halloween, as a way way to "scare" customers. They covered the whole restaurant in white sheet and wrote "McDonald's" on it. The marquee read: "BOOOOO! Just kidding, we still flame-grill our burgers. Happy Halloween."

Someone call the burn unit. Burger King could have opted for a truly frightening option, and created some weird mash-up of a cheap cheeseburger and burrito and called it a "Whopperrito," but that would just be crossing a line.


The United Nations reports that ISIS killed at least 232 people on Wednesday alone, in addition to using thousands of people as human shields to defend themselves against the Iraqi militia.

According to the UN human rights spokesman, ISIS claimed to be punishing people who defied their orders.

"ISIS executed 42 civilians in Hammam al-Alil, south of Mosul. Also on Wednesday ISIS executed 190 former Iraqi security forces for refusing to join them, in the Al Ghazlani base near Mosul," said Ravina Shamdasani from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Since the beginning of last week, ISIS has taken thousands of people hostage from the outskirts of Mosul into the main parts of the city, and United Nations officials fear that the plan is "to use them as human shields against the Iraqi forces advance on Mosul."

This all comes as the battle for Mosul continues to push further into the city. According to The Guardian, the battle will be the biggest since the United States' invasion in 2003. Discuss

It’s that time of year, when families gather together at the kitchen table, and each carve pumpkins to decorate their home. What could possibly go wrong? As this video shows, one sure fire way to turn pumpkin-carving time into a minor emergency is to stick your entire head into one.

Thankfully, this two-part clip has a happy ending, though at one point, a concerned dad can be heard seriously contemplating involving the fire department.

Stay safe everyone, and let this be a lesson to you all.


Two legitimate comedy legends stopped by The Tonight Show last night and starred a in sketch that was really weird and also “funny”—we guess. The bit features Steve Martin and Martin Short basically just rolling around on the ground for two minutes while mildly amusing slapstick antics ensue.

Absurdist brilliance or just plain strange? You decide: Discuss

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is returning to TV. FX has announced that the actor and popular stand-up performer will star in its critically acclaimed TV-adaptation of Fargo. Gaffigan will play the brother of Ewan McGregor’s character who will inevitably get wrapped up in some sort of gritty, flyover country criminal activity.

The casting represents Gaffigan’s return to primetime after he announced that the team behind his TV Land sitcom, The Jim Gaffigan Show, would be pulling the plug so the star and his wife Jeannie Gaffigan (who was a major creative force on the series), could spend more time with their kids. They explained, “The time commitment to make the quality of show we wanted was taking us away from our most important project, our five children.” In the announcement, Gaffigan also said he was “excited to move forward with other creative pursuits.”

Considering he’ll just be starring in Fargo—not writing, creating and producing every episode together with Jeannie—this will probably be the kind of project that won’t be as “ exhilarating and exhausting” as his last one. Discuss

Finally, someone answered the question, “What if Netflix’s paranormal sci-fi adventure series Stranger Things was a holiday Peanuts-style special?” Admit it, you’d watch this if it was a full length movie.

(Spoiler alert: Things don’t work out so well for Barb in this one either.) Discuss