Want a new tattoo but just not sure what to get? Lucky you, you don't have to think about it anymore, because Miley Cyrus, America's sweetheart, will happily design one for you. All you have to do is donate $10,000 to My Friend's Place, the Los Angeles-based charity for homeless teens Miley's taken under her wing of late. So, hey, the money's going to a good cause, so what are you waiting for? And if $10,000 sounds a little steep, never fear—she's got lesser goodies for you. For a mere $40, Miley will send you a bevy of temporary tattoos she's designed. That sounds like a pretty good starting point. And then, if you really love one of the temporary tattoos, cough up the ten large and get it on you forever. We'd say make sure she's read our list of ideas for your next tattoo but, then, we've already established that she doesn't read RELEVANT ... Discuss

Tim Burton is a very good director in need of a good movie. His last few have either been critical disappointments (Dark Shadows) or box office fizzles (Frankenweenie). So it's good to see a very promising looking trailer for Big Eyes, an Amy Adams vehicle about the true story of Margaret Keane, a famed artist whose husband stole the credit for all her work. It doesn't look much like a Tim Burton movie (although Keane's famed subject—children with cartoonishly large eyes—certainly sounds up his alley) but it looks terrific. And, wouldn't you know, there's neither hide nor hair of Johnny Depp. The movie comes out on Christmas ... Discuss

Hillsong United's 'Oceans' has become a new worship staple, and as is the case with new staples, artists are lining up to give their own spin on it. Some are more successful than others, but this hero drummer gives it his all, and we think you'll agree it's just the manic shot of energy the song needs. Some people might call it "overpowering" but, then again, some people called Galileo insane. Play on, hero drummer ... Discuss

Looking through the latest headlines isn’t easy. Many days, it seems like the news is only concerned with all of the sad, scary stuff happening around world. And while it’s important to stay informed and be aware of the plight of others, Jimmy Fallon understands that sometimes, you have to throw some good news into the lineup. And, if there isn’t good news to report, he’s just going to make it up. Start your Friday with the new segment of “I’ve got good news, and good news” ... Discuss

Following a series of domestic violence and child abuse incidents among NFL players—as well as accusations that NFL leadership mishandled the punishment of former running back Ray Rice—the league has lost a major sponsor. From CBS Sports:

Procter & Gamble, on behalf of its Crest toothpaste brand, had worked with NFL approval to launch a significant, league-wide initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which it decided to cancel today. [Hand-selected] players would have worn pink mouthguards and engaged in social media on a variety of platforms as part of the deal.

Procter & Gamble said that they will still make a donation to breast cancer charities, even though they no longer want their brand associated with the league in such a high-profile manner. Commissioner Roger Goodell has faced widespread criticism after being accused of intentionally avoiding watching a security video that showed Rice brutally punching out his now-wife, and suspending him for just two games. After the video was made public by TMZ, Rice was suspended indefinitely, but questions immediately rose about why the league office hadn’t seen the video earlier. Since then, several other players have faced discipline for domestic violence allegations ... Discuss

The Kingdom will stay united. By a margin of 55 percent to 45 percent, the people of Scotland voted to remain a part of the United Kingdom alongside their nearby neighbors England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Following the official vote count, British Prime Minister David Cameron said, "Like millions of other people, I am delighted,” but he said the vote itself showed that the call for reforms needs to be taken seriously. He told citizens, “We hear you," ensuring that U.K. lawmakers would work to instill "change it for the better" regarding issues like taxes and government benefits ... Discuss