The Killers have found a legendary new collaborator for their upcoming album. In an interview with Shazam, Elton John revealed that he is helping the band's frontman Brandon Flowers write songs for their follow-up to 2012’s Battle Born. The legendary artist said that he’s long been a Killers fan and that he and Flowers regularly bounced creative ideas off of each other. There’s no word yet on a release date for the new record, but John said he is planning on joining the band in their Las Vegas studio soon. Discuss

A special counsel in charge of investigating the city’s water crisis said that local officials could possibly face involuntary manslaughter charges after at least nine people died after contracting Legionnaires’ disease. Some authorities believe that the outbreak could be linked to contamination due to city officials switching the water supply to the Flint River, exposing thousands to water that contained dangerously high amounts of lead because of pipes used by the city. In a statement to Detroit News, Todd Flood said, “We’re here to investigate what possible crimes there are, anything to the involuntary manslaughter or death that may have happened to some young person or old person because of this poisoning, to misconduct in office. We take this very seriously.” There’s no word yet on when the investigation will be complete. Discuss

Carolina quarterback Cam Newton had a rough post-game press conference after suffering a hard loss to the Denver Broncos at the Super Bowl. Newton, known for being friendly and personable during interviews, essentially shut down reporters and walked out of the press conference. In a segment of his show, Conan O'Brien puts himself in Newton's shoes in a post-joke conference where he mimics the NFL star while answering questions about a joke that totally bombs. Because, how could he not? Discuss

A United Nations commission found Monday that thousands of Syrian civilians are being severely abused by their government in the midst of the current civil war. Citizens are secretly enduring rape, torture and deadly physical abuse. The U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Syria unearthed what they are calling a systematic "countrywide pattern" of prisoner abuse, which they have deemed a war crime and a crime against humanity.

The detainees suffering these abuses have been apprehended for being "insufficiently loyal" to the government. Most of the prisoners are men, but some women and children as young as 7 have died at the hands of Syrian government. The report called on the U.N. Security Council "to impose targeted sanctions against individuals credibly suspected of being responsible" and to classify the offenses as war crimes. The report also added that while ISIS and its fellow Islamist group Jabhat Al-Nusra are guilty of "routinely conducting summary executions," most of those militant groups weren't guilty of "institutionalized or consistent practice of mass arrests ... torture, and killing of detained civilians." Discuss

In 2010, the Obama administration announced plans to end veteran homelessness. And, after making considerable progress, they've now turned their attention to the more complicated situation of homeless families with young children. In his 2017 budget, which will be presented on Tuesday, President Obama is asking for $11 billion over the next 10 years in order to solve the problem. Currently, about 64,000 families, including roughly 123,000 children, are homeless nationwide. and, nearly 26 percent of those are located in New York. “We can see that in New York City specifically, there is a tremendous need,” said Julián Castro, the federal housing secretary. Of the proposed $11 billion, $8.8 billion would go to housing vouchers and an additional $2.2 billion to short-term assistance, with a goal of eradicating family homelessness in 2020. Discuss

ABC is teaming up with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel to bring you another game show, Big Fan. Because the world needs more gameshows. The show is an adaptation of Kimmel's late-night segment Who Knows? in which a notable celebrity goes head-to-head with their biggest fans in a trivia game about themselves. Does it sound creepy? Yes. But, it's also surprisingly captivating. The ABC adapted show, hosted by Andy Richter, will begin with multiple rounds of fans battling each other before they make it to the final round to battle their idol, and their prize will be a lot more than an autographed pillow. But, if Kimmel's game is any indication of how entertaining the show will be, we're in for a treat. Discuss