Officials from Amazon have sought permission from the city of Seattle to launch a test pilot program (see what we did there?) for its new drone delivery service. Under current regulations, Amazon is not allowed to conduct the drone tests in outdoor areas of Washington state where its headquarters are. The federal government currently only has six sites across the country where commercial companies can conduct the kinds of large-scale tests Amazon is hoping to do in Seattle. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says that the idea behind the “Prime Air” program is to use fast-moving drones to deliver purchases to Amazon customers in just 30 minutes. They are also an integral element of his sinister world domination plan ... Discuss


Just because the Grand Budapest Hotel is a fictional creation used as the centerpiece for the latest Wes Anderson movie, there’s no reason deadpan Internet users can’t post fake reviews for it on TripAdvisor, like this one:

Its best days may be behind it, but it's at least quiet, and you never have to wait for a table at dinner time. As much as I enjoy the solitude, though, it's not perfect. The elevator has the odor of some strong cologne that just won't dissipate, and every so often a VERY creepy old man wanders around and sleeps in the servant's quarters. I'm sorry, but somebody like that has no business amongst the classes that would be staying in a grand hotel. Still, it's quite nice, and one of the few genuinely historic buildings remaining in Zig-Zag-occupied Zubrowka. The concierge is lazy, but also quite accommodating.


According to a new study from researchers in Sweden, watching boring TV shows may be bad for your diet. The team from Uppsala University studied a group of women as they watched “engaging comedies” as well as boring televised lectures. The results showed that watching boring stuff on TV actually causes you to eat 52% more. From TIME: “The study authors conclude that it’s the level of excitement in our TV shows that may determine the amount we chow—not the act of watching (or reading) itself.” The team produced similar results when subjects were asked to read something boring, though the snack intake percentage wasn’t as dramatic. We’re just going to say it: Downton Abbey is causing you to overeat ... Discuss


Health officials have reported the sad news that the young girl thought to have been cured of HIV is showing signs that the virus has returned. The “Mississippi baby” as she had become known, was born with HIV in 2010 to a mother who was infected. After being on an antiretroviral drug program for the first 18 months of her life, the girl went more than two years without showing any signs of HIV, leading some officials to believe that she may have been cured. Sadly, in a statement this week, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases informed public that the virus has returned. "Certainly, this is a disappointing turn of events for this young child, the medical staff involved in the child's care and the HIV/AIDS research community" ... Discuss