We all know getting out of bed in the morning is tough. Well, an inventor in the U.K. just made it super easy—actually, he made it involuntary. The guy, Colin Furze, created a "High Voltage Ejector Bed." It's basically a combination of a sort of reverse Murphy bed and a two-piston air compressor that literally tosses you out of bed. And because he hates us, Furze added lights and trumpets. Check it out:


An Italian group called Rockin’ 1000 organized a massive group of musicians to play the Foo Fighters song “Learn to Fly” in a massive outdoor performance. Of course, they filmed the whole thing, and it’s pretty awesome. The stunt was part of an effort to get the band to come play a concert in Cesena, Italy. How could they say no?


The perpetrator(s) placed the battle flags right below a “Black Lives Matter, Hands Up” poster at Ebenezer Baptist Church—the historically black church in Atlanta, Georgia, where Martin Luther King Jr. once preached. In a statement, Raphael Warnock, pastor of Ebenezer, said the flags represent “a terrorist act meant to intimidate.” He equated the littering to placing Swastikas around a Jewish synagogue. “Let the message go out that we will not be shaken by this,” said Warnock, who has been outspoken about recent race-based acts of violence like police shootings and the Charleston shooting. “We will not be intimidated.” Federal and local authorities are hopeful that the church’s surveillance cameras will help identify suspects. Discuss

Somewhere along a paved path in Everglades National Park—a trails for cyclists, walkers and people like you—officials captured an 18 foot- and three inch-long Burmese python—the second largest in Florida history. The female python is only four inches shorter than the Florida record. Terrifyingly, experts say snakes like this one can eat animals as large as deer and alligators.This goes to show you, next time you’re strolling around the everglades, stop strolling around the everglades. Discuss

With more and more anticipation growing for Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Adidas unveiled a new collab with the the larger-than-life movie franchise. The result is a limited edition, customizable sneaker. Customers in touch with the force can create Adidas Originals' Superstar with Stormtrooper prints, Star Wars laces and C-3PO gold or R2-D2 silver shell-toes—and more. Now you can show your Star Wars pride the normal way: with custom shoes. Discuss

A police officer at the University of Cincinnati has been charged with murder for shooting a man named Samuel DuBose at seemingly routine traffic stop. The officer, Ray Tensing, is white, and the victim, Samuel DuBose, was black. A bodycam video of the entire incident has been made public, showing the interaction between the officer and DuBose, which at no point up to the shooting seems aggressive. After being pulled over for not having a front license plate, Dubose and the officer relatively calmly discuss why he has been pulled over for about two minutes. In the moments before Tensing shot DuBose pointblank in the head—causing his foot to slam the gas pedal after he was instantly killed—DuBose started his ignition. Local Prosecutor Joe Deters told reporters,

I've been doing this for over 30 years. This is the most asinine act I've ever seen a police officer make—totally unwarranted. People want to believe that Mr. DuBose had done something violent towards the officer—he did not. He did not at all. I feel so sorry for his family and what they lost, and I feel sorry for the community, too.”

In his police report, Tensing gave different version of events, lying by saying that he was “dragged” by Dubose’s car. He claimed he feared for his life. Discuss