Filmmaker Eric Demeusy has created this trailer, presenting his own vision for what a Boba Fett's origin story could look like as a stand-alone film in the Star Wars franchise. A real Boba Fett movie is actually in the works, though the studio is still looking for a director. Josh Trank (Fantastic Four, Chronicle) recently stepped away from the project. Discuss

Two of the masterminds behind shows including The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock are teaming up for a new sitcom about an interracial family. The NBC show is being produced by Michael Schur, the former SNL and Office writer who co-created both Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Schur teamed up with former 30 Rock writer and Parks and Rec producer Matt Hubard, who will pen the script. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the sitcom “revolves around a happily married interracial couple, Andrew and Josie, whose lives take a turn when they move closer to Josie's family in Missouri.” Schur’s been a busy guy since Parks and Rec went off the air. In addition to the new NBC show, he’s also executive producing a new series for Netflix starring Aziz Ansari, and he created yet another sitcom for NBC called A Good Place. Discuss

Dylann Roof may be executed for his crimes. The openly racist gunman, who killed nine people attending a Bible study at a historic black church this summer, will face the death penalty for the murders. In documents filed this week, prosecutors indicated that they have evidence that Roof has shown a lack of remorse for the murders at South Carolina's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. The 21-year-old, who wrote about his own racist ideology online, also faces federal hate crime charges as well as charges of obstruction of the practice of religion. In addition to the murder counts, some of the federal charges also carry with them the possibility of the death penalty. Discuss

A few days ago, the Supreme Court ruled that Kim Davis, the clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, could not refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Davis continued to refuse, despite the ruling. Then today she was called before a judge in contempt of court. In the hearing before Judge David Bunning, Davis argued that she should not have to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples since it goes against her religious beliefs. Judge Bunning disagreed and ordered her to be jailed. He said Davis will be released once she agrees to issue the licenses. The decision sparked an uproar about the rule of law and religious liberties. Some argued that as a public official, Davis is obligated to follow orders issued by the courts. But others saw the ruling as a threat to religious freedom. Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul told CNN that it’s “absurd to put someone in jail for exercising their religious liberties.” Discuss

In the promotional push that comes with taking over The Late Show throne, it seems like Stephen Colbert is everywhere these days. Including ... your car? Yup, the Colbert Report/Daily Show alum has lent his voice to navigational system Waze, for a limited period of time. In addition to his dulcet tones guiding your car’s every move, you’ll get classic quips like “Ugh, traffic, my least favorite kind of jam.”

Check out the promotional video below. Like everything the comedian does, he may drive you crazy—but at least you always know who’s behind the wheel.


Netflix might have lost a slate of movies when Epix moved their catalogue to Hulu, but there’s still a mountain of interesting movies and television shows headed to the streaming behemoth. Among them? Coming of age film Moonrise Kingdom, travel tragi-comedy Up in the Air, and everyone’s favorite pack of zombie survivors, The Walking Dead. Netflix and chill? Yes please. Below are some of the highlights. You can check out the full list of forthcoming titles here.

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