Over the weekend, Emma Watson delivered a note-perfect address to the UN on the importance of feminism. Particularly, Watson discussed how some people associate the term "feminism" with "man hating," and explained that the cause is bigger than a few small-minded misconceptions. It was a good speech, but because no good deed goes unpunished in this crazy world, Watson has now become the target of a new private photo leak.

Shortly after her speech went viral, a 4chan user created a website with a countdown to the release of the alleged photos, spurring an online flurry of comments that can be charitably described as "monstrous" (one example: she makes stupid feminist speeches at UN, and now her nudes will be online, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH). Whether or not the photos actually exist is debatable, but regardless, Watson is facing the ugly side of activism. Here it is, 2014, and being a strong, articulate woman continues to be something that is just a little much for some anonymous online commenters to handle ... Discuss

Despite being a well-known advocate for dropping out of college, hip-hop star Kanye West is returning to the classroom—as a professor. After getting into a scuffle with a photographer in an airport last summer, a judge sentenced him to 250 hours of community service (along with probation and anger management classes) which he is fulfilling by teaching a course in fashion at the L.A. Trade Technical College. A well-known talent sentenced to helping young people hone their own gifts … This has inspirational movie written all over it ... Discuss

Money magazine has released 2014’s list of the top 50 small cities in America, and Texas’ McKinney is home to the No. 1 ranking. The magazine uses dozens of factors in their ranking methodology, but relies heavily on economic indicators like the affordability of homes, how much residents make and how good schools are. But, the list isn’t just a rundown of wealthy towns. Regional data that demonstrates diversity, the presence of local art and culture, green spaces and recreation also factor in. You can go here to see the full list, and filter down to check out the best small cities near you ... Discuss

Young Lillian Skinner was the victim of a cruel prank when several fellow seniors at her Texas high school made her wrongly believe she had been nominated to the homecoming court. But when two of the girls on the ballot found out, they decided to give their bullied classmate an evening she’ll never forget. The duo made a deal that if either of them won the title, they’d arrange to have Lillian receive the homecoming queen crown instead, leading to a pretty great on-the-field surprise. What is it about Texas high school football games that makes everything so inspirational? ... Discuss

The U.S. and a group of Arab nations have launched a new bombing campaign, targeting ISIS within Syrian borders. The multiple airstrikes marked the United States’ first major military action in Syria, and targeted Raqqa, the city that ISIS leaders have claimed as the capital of their Islamic State. The nations of Saudi Arabia Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Jordan all assisted in the operation which was aimed at destroying the militant network’s ability to effectively train and lead its fighters ... Discuss

The cast of your childhood’s favorite ice hockey franchise reunited this week in honor of D2: The Mighty Ducks 20th anniversary. (Yeah, you feel super old now, don’t you?) For some reason Emilio Estevez, Joshua Jackson and Kenan Thompson skipped the epic event, which is a real shame, because they missed out on one last flying V. You can go here to see more pictures from the reunion ... Discuss