This weekend, rapper Big Sean was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and used the stage for a debut performance of his new, faith-inspired song “Sunday Morning Jetpack.” The song starts off with the lyrics,

Thank you God for all my setbacks / 'Cause he the reason I'm able to give back / This feels like my Sunday morning jetpack / Feel like I sent the prayers up and got blessed back.

The song references his upbringing, love for his family, church, prayer and faith: "It reminded me of how we used to dress up as a family and go to Sunday service and be at church singing / Ain’t been to church in while, but it ain’t just about how you praise him in the building, it’s about how you praising him while you out.”

The song also references collaborating with Kanye West and Kirk Franklin, saying, “You the reason I ever touched my first Franklin / Fast forward, I'm in Kanye crib with Kirk Franklin.”

Last year, Kirk Franklin took the stage with Kanye West on Saturday Night Live, and performed their song “Ultralight Beam” which featured a full gospel choir and even a prayer from Franklin. Discuss

Indie rock outfit Arcade Fire has just released their first new song since 2013. The new tune, “I Give You Power” featurees blues and gospel singer Mavis Staples.

The band recently went on record saying that they were planning on releasing a new album sometime in 2017, but it’s not clear if this song is going to be included.

You can check out "I Give You Power" below. Discuss

An inauguration day luncheon featured an interest moments this afternoon when America’s new President Donald Trump asked everyone in attendance to stand and applaud former President Bill Clinton and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The recent campaign featured numerous bitter exchanges between Trump and the Clintons, with Trump at one point telling Hillary Clinton he’d attempt to have her imprisoned if he were elected.

At the luncheon, he said,

There is something I wanted to say, because I was very honored—very, very honored—when I heard that President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton was coming today …. I have a lot of respect for those two people.


So far, at least 95 people have been arrested in Washington DC as some demonstrators became violent during protests near the inauguration of Donald Trump. At least two police officers were injured and taken to the hospital.

There are reports of some protesters throwing objects at police and vandalizing nearby vehicles, businesses and property. However, there were other large protests that have remained peaceful.

Police wearing riot gear have used pepper spray in an effort to stop some of the protestors who whore masks while committing acts of vandalism.

In cities around the world—including New York, Hong Kong and London—more demonstrators have gathered to protest Trump.


When Hillary Clinton—the former first lady, Secretary of State and president-elect Donald Trump's Democratic opposition—arrived at today's inauguration ceremonies, she took to Twitter to elaborate on her presence:

One of the defining marks of American democracy, since it began, has been the concept of "peaceful transition of power." The former first family's presence is part of that tradition. Discuss

President-elect Donald Trump has been criticized for the lack of diversity in his cabinet, among his supporters and his top advisors. Today, however, his administration will help make history in that respect as Mike Pence is sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas.

Justice Thomas is the longest serving-African-American Supreme Court Justice. In the press release announcing the inauguration details, Vice President-elect Mike Pence said, "It will be my honor to take the Oath of Office to defend our constitution from a man who has dedicated his life to the same noble pursuit."

The presidents are sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court but in years past, vice presidents can be sworn in by a variety of elected officials, including outgoing vice presidents.

Throughout the campaign, Pence has described himself as "a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order." Justice Thomas is a traditionalist on the bench, making his participation Mike Pence's swearing in ceremony pretty appropriate. Discuss