As you may have heard, 2014's breakout star Sam Smith has a hit called "Stay With Me" that, yesterday, he was forced to list Tom Petty's name on as a songwriter. That's because, as a few people have noticed, "Stay With Me" bears more than a passing resemblance to Petty's "I Won't Back Down." Generally in these cases, there's a bit of ambiguity—plagiarism accusations rested on songs that share resemblance without being exactly identical. But in this case, it's pretty cut and dry. This YouTube video—which actually came out last year but is getting a lot of buzz following Monday's decision—makes a pretty compelling argument. Petty's been surprisingly amiable about the whole thing, but it's just one more thread in Smith's untold web of lies ... Discuss

The employment website Glassdoor has put together a new list of the “Best Jobs in America,” for people who are primarily concerned with money and advancement. Their list doesn’t take into account things like overall satisfaction or flexibility, instead relies on three more pragmatic factors: Current number of job openings, average base salary and how easy it is to advance. With a base salary of $111,376 and more than 45,000 current openings, physician assistant topped the list. It was followed by software engineer, business development manager and HR manager. Mysteriously absent from this year’s rankings was “Professional Netflix Binge Watcher.” You can go here to see all 25 jobs ... Discuss

Last year alone, 125 people were exonerated for crimes that the American legal system had once found them guilty of committing. It’s the highest ever number since exoneration rates were first recorded in 1989. According to the National Registry of Exonerations, it’s the first time the number of people found to have been wrongly convicted has ever been in triple digits in one year.

One of the most concerning things that the numbers revealed is that 47 of the individuals freed from prison had pled guilty to the crimes they were charged with, either because of pressure from prosecutors or because they were presented with evidence against them that ended up being inadmissible or incorrect . As The Guardian notes, “Police field drug testing kits are notoriously unreliable, so much so that their results are not accepted as evidence in criminal trials.” Experts believe the soaring number of exonerations for innocent prisoners is largely due to the rise in “conviction integrity units,” teams of legal experts that work to identify when innocent people are wrongfully convicted ... Discuss

KFC is experimenting with a new creation, so ghastly, it may it fact threaten the very foundations of natural order. Years after having the audacity to replace the buns on a meat sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken, the rogue restaurant chain has once again emerged from Dr. Frankenstein’s food lab with yet another monster: The Double Down Dog. The extremely limited edition menu item—forged with meat combinations devised by humanity’s most irreverent chicken chefs—wraps a hot dog in fried chicken, before squirting it with a hot, liquid cheese substance. For now, the Double Down Dog is only available in limited quantities at a few stores in the Philippines, but it’s only a matter of time before the twisted results of meat alchemy brings its sinister allure to our shores ... Discuss

Here's the first trailer for Josh Trank's long gestating, somewhat controversial Fantastic Four reboot, starring Miles Teller (Whiplash), Kate Mara (House of Cards), Michael B. Jordan (Friday Night Lights) and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliott!) as the titular team of science nerds who get super powers. The first franchise went belly up back in 2007 (before the first Iron Man movie revitalized Marvel's movie fortunes) and it definitely looks like Trank is taking his film in a very different, much grittier direction than that early iteration. Will it be any good? We'll know on August 7 ... Discuss

Sadly, there are only a precious few new episodes of Parks and Rec left before the show goes the way of Lil Sebastian. To get you ready for a brand new episode this evening, NBC has released a new clip, showing Ron and Leslie joining forces for a truly worthy cause: saving JJ’s Diner ... Discuss