In typical Apple style, the upcoming movie about its iconic founder Steve Jobs has been getting a lot of attention, overshadowing equally significant competitors. Watch as Conan presents the trailer for the other, underrated big screen tech story releasing this weekend, Michael Dell. Discuss

In Miles Ahead, Don Cheadle plays iconic jazz trumpeter, Miles Davis. Directed by Cheadle, the crowdfunded effort focuses on Davis’s late-70s withdraw from the public eye. It also looks like classic award-season fodder, not that we mind. Check out the trailer over at Entertainment Weekly. Discuss

Everyone who’s ever thought the walls have ears is about to feel really validated. In Singapore, inanimate objects on the street can talk. As reported by Mashable, for the next week in the city, if you send a text to certain hydrants, lap posts, and even the famous Merlion sculpture, they’ll text back with intelligent, personalized responses.

The art project was created by London-based Pan Studio. If you can’t actually go to Singapore to query the landscape in person, this video gives you a pretty good idea how the project is being rolled out.


A massive, granite monument of the Ten Commandments has been removed from the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol. The removal of the large structure took place overnight on Monday so that it wouldn’t attract protestors. Over the summer, the State Supreme Court ruled that the biblical monument, which was donated to the local government, violated the state’s constitution which reads, “No public money or property shall ever be appropriated, applied, donated, or used, directly or indirectly, for the use, benefit, or support of any sect, church, denomination, or system of religion, or for the use, benefit, or support of any priest, preacher, minister, or other religious teacher or dignitary, or sectarian institution as such.”

Before the ruling, the monument’s presence at the capitol gained renewed attention when the Church of Satan announced that they wanted their own monument of the goat-headed demonic entity Baphomet also placed on the grounds. Former state representative Mike Reynolds, who helped authorize the Ten Commandments’ original installation years ago, didn’t seem too happy about the move to have it removed. He told USA Today, "This is a historical event. Now we know we have to change the constitution. It would be good to get rid of some of the Supreme Court justices, too.” Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin is now calling for the constitution to be amended to allow the Ten Commandments monument, which she says there is precedence for. She told reporters, “The Ten Commandments is a historical monument … We’re going to let the people of Oklahoma decide this issue.” Discuss

A new, extended trailer has been released for the upcoming historical Hollywood drama Trumbo. Brian Cranston stars alongside John Goodman, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren and Louis C.K. in the story of famed screenwriter Dalton Trumbo who, despite being blacklisted during 1940s Communism paranoia, became one of the most successful writers of his era. Discuss

A shooting overnight at the Flagstaff campus of Northern Arizona University left one dead and three others wounded. The alleged shooter, who is an 18-year-old freshman at the school, has been arrested. Details of the shooting are still unclear, but according to early reports, the shooting followed some sort of confrontation in a parking lot on campus. All of the victims were members of the same fraternity. Discuss