According to a new report from the International Organization for Migration, the number of migrants who have died attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea to get to countries in Europe this year has surpassed 2,000. They also noted that in 2015 alone, more than 188,000 have been rescued attempting to make the journey. Human traffickers are known to use dangerous, unsafe boats while attempting to smuggle migrants fleeing poverty, conflict and violence in Libya and other countries in the region. Discuss

Because that’s how Norwegians do. Trygve Bernhardsen had a perfectly reasonable condition for his recent wedding: he wouldn’t get married unless he could swim to the ceremony. So, he did. Bernhardsen started out at the couple’s home and swam about half of a mile to the lighthouse where his bride-to-be was waiting.


For three straight nights this fall, you can re-live the magic of Middle Earth, except this time, it’ll be (somehow) even longer. Extended versions of all three Hobbit movies are coming to theaters for a special three-night event starting on October 5th, that will be accompanied by an introduction from filmmaker Peter Jackson. Evidently it is somehow possible to extend three relatively long movies based on one, relatively short novel. Even for Tolkien fans this seems like a nearly unbearable feat of endurance. Discuss

Antonio Banderas stars in the upcoming film The 33 that tells the true story of a group of Chilean miners who became trapped after a mine collapse in 2010, capturing the attention of world. As the trailer shows, the movie also focuses heavily on the faith of the men, who were trapped deep underground for more than 60 days. Discuss

Today, just a day after the United States Senate voted to keep funding Planned Parenthood, The Center for Medical Progress released a fifth undercover video. This one—the latest in a series of sting-style videos depicting Planned Parenthood officials talking about the sale of fetal body parts for research—shows a different executive discussing the ability of doctors at the federation’s Texas branch to extract intact fetal parts. Shockingly, she even alludes to full bodies: they can somehow adjust their process to “obtain intact fetal cadavers,” she says. She goes on to describe details about pricing and shipment. Like the previous videos, this one is highly graphic. Discuss

The Christian parody of Bruno Mars' and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” you probably weren’t waiting for has arrived. The video appears to be a promo for International Church of Las Vegas’ upcoming “Holy Spirit Conference,” hence the references to “Tongues of fire take you higher man … So good, Amen. Make Benny wanna retire man.” Presented without further comment: Discuss