This definitely sounds more promising than that Tetris movie. Variety is reporting that the upcoming Angry Birds animated movie has been cast—and it actually sounds pretty good. Jason Sudeikis will voice “Red,” the leader of the flock of furious fowl, and will be joined by Danny McBride (Bomb), Bill Hader (pig), Peter Dinklage (Mighty Eagle), Maya Rudolph (Matilda), Tony Hale, Keegan-Michael Key and Kate McKinnon in a really funny ensemble cast. The app-inspired epic hits theaters in July, 2016 ... Discuss

Sure, stacking geometric shapes is a time-honored way to kill a few minutes on your iPhone or old graphing calculator, but some Hollywood studio executives believe that Tetris actually warrants an entire feature-length movie. According to The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog, Threshold Entertainment is somehow adapting the classic video game into a big-budget adventure film. The studio’s CEO told the paper, “It’s a very big, epic sci-fi movie. This isn’t a movie with a bunch of lines running around the page. We’re not giving feet to the geometric shapes.” Aside from not bringing the random shapes to life, he didn’t give many other plot details, other than to say that the story would be of “intergalactic significance.” Huh. At least we know the soundtrack will be pretty killer ... Discuss

Christine Caine is one of Hillsong Church's most influential leaders, and she's looking to pass along what she's learned to other Christian women under the guise of Propel, a training program for working Christian women. Created in partnership with Liberty University, Propel will offer events, articles and video content for women in the marketplace. Caine created Propel as a response to what she sees as a lack of female-led conferences for women who work outside the home, and hopes that it will encourage working women who may feel forgotten in Christian circles ... Discuss

A new Living Planet Index report from the London Zoological Society and the World Wildlife Foundation says the world’s populations of wild animals are an average of half the size they were in 1970. The index tracked the populations of more than 10,000 representative populations of species from 1970 to 2010 and showed a bigger decline than previously thought (prior studies estimated that populations had declined by 30 percent). The report sites human consumption—and the resulting habitat loss—as the main reason for the decline. According to the report, there are only 3,000 tigers left in the wild today, as opposed to 100,000 a century ago. And Elephant populations in West Africa are living on about 7 percent of their historic land due to deforestation. You can check out the full report here for more information and ways to get involved to slow the decline ...


The latest look at Christopher Nolan’s space epic Interstellar continues to live up to the hype. The Matthew McConaughey adventure hits theaters on Nov. 7 ... Discuss

In another breakdown of Secret Service protocol, a security contractor who was carrying a gun and had a criminal record was allowed to ride in an elevator with President Obama during his visit to the CDC in Atlanta Sept. 16. Reportedly, the man—who was with a private firm providing security at the CDC—refused to stop recording Obama with his cell phone camera, which prompted a few agents to stay behind to question him and check his background. As it turned out, the man had three convictions of assault and battery. And, to the agents’ surprise, when a supervisor from his firm showed up, the man turned in the gun he had been carrying.

No one with a weapon or a criminal history is supposed to be allowed in close proximity to the president, which has members of congress wondering how the man came so close to the president without undergoing a background check. The incident came to light after the Secret Service director, Julia Pierson, spoke before a House subcommittee Tuesday about two security breaches at the White House, one of which happened on Sept. 19, three days after the incident in Atlanta. Pierson told the committee that the Sept. 19 incident was the only breach of security that she had briefed the president on so far in 2014 ... Discuss