Martin Scorsese’s highly anticipated adaptation of the novel Silence will be released later this year. Up to now, the release date for the director’s big screen version of the acclaimed—yet controversial—book about Jesuit missionaries to Japan has remained uncertain.

However, the studio has announced that the movie—which is Scorsese’s longest to date—will hit theaters on December 23, making it eligible for the upcoming Oscars. Starring Liam Neeson and Andrew Garfield, the film tells the story of Jesuit missionaries to 1600s Japan, who face persecution and martyrdom for their faith. Discuss

Sometimes—on, say, Mondays—you rush out the door and forget your lunch. It happens.

But until now, none of us have mastered the art of running back home to grab the forgotten sandwich. Just watch:


Since the Syrian army launched an offensive starting late last week (when the ceasefire ended), dozens of airstrikes have hit the rebel-held city of Aleppo city in Syria. Last night, airstrikes were particularly devastating.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said yesterday that a series of strikes killed 237 people—and that’s including 38 children. Experts suggest that 162 were east Aleppo and so far, around 400 people have died total in the past week.

Rescue efforts are being held up because all of the bombing has made the roads impassable and much of the rescue equipment has been destroyed in the same way. Discuss

Just days after Charlotte police Chief Kerr Putney told reporters “you shouldn’t expect it to be released,” the Charlotte police department has changed its mind, and released to different videos of the shooting of Keith Scott.

Neither offer a clear picture of the shooting, but show new angles of the deadly encounter which has sparked days of protests and unrest in the city. Days before, Scott’s wife released her own cell phone video of the shooting.

Here the dashcam video and bodycam video. Warning, both of the clips are disturbing.

In the latest clips, police can be seen yelling at Scott to drop a weapon and to exit a vehicle. As several officers hold drawn weapons at Scotts car, another, on the other side of the car, attempts to break a window.

Moments later, Scott can be seen seemingly calmly exiting the car with his hands low at his sides, walking backwards. It is unclear if anything is in his hands, but nothing is apparent from the videos. Seconds later, as Scott is walking backwards with his hands at his sides, he is shot multiple times. Officer immediately handcuff him as he is bleeding on the ground.

Police say they recovered a gun, an ankle holster and a joint from the scene, though Scott’s family has maintained that he was unarmed. Police have also explained what sparked the encounter. They say that while at Scott’s apartment complex looking for someone else, they saw Scott in his car with both a marijuana joint and a handgun. The confrontation began moments later when the officers demanded he drop the gun and exit the vehicle. Discuss

Got 300 hours to spare? The cable network FXX has announced that it will air all 600 episodes of The Simpsons starting on Thanksgiving Day. The 300-hour marathon will run through Dec. 4. Back in 2014, the network set a new world record for the longest TV marathon, airing 552 episodes over the course of 12 days. The series 600th episode airs on Oct. 19 on Fox. Discuss

One of Saturday Night Live’s newest cast members has found herself in a controversy over some of her old tweets.

Earlier this month, the show announced that Melissa Villaseñor would be joining the show, making her the first Latina cast member. Just before the announcement though, Villaseñor changed her Twitter account to private and deleted about 2,000 tweets dating back six years. It turns out, she’s said some pretty offensive and racist stuff. (If you want to read them, Buzzfeed has collected some with the help of writer Aura Bogado.)

As Bogado explained in an interview with Buzzfeed, some of the tweets aren’t even really jokes, just racist statements. As of now, neither Villaseñor or SNL have issued any sort of statement about the tweets. Discuss