According to the Twitter account of pastor Craig Groeschel, YouVersion founder Bobby Gruenewald recently got to meet Pope Francis and took the opportunity to give him an iPhone pre-loaded with the popular Bible app. The free Bible-study app has been downloaded nearly 160 million times. If his tweets start being sent via iPhone, we’ll know he’s using it ... Discuss

Dinosaur-hunting Chris Pratt will ride his motorcycle through a flock of velociraptors and into your heart next June ... Discuss

Casting for the big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s 1,200-page post-apocalyptic bestseller The Stand is underway, and the franchise has just found its villain. Matthew McConaughey has signed on to star as the creepy cowboy Randall Flagg, who comes to power in Las Vegas after a military-created virus kills most of humanity. Warner Bros. appears to be going all-in on series. The Stand will be released as four separate movies, all telling a different part of the epic story. Josh Boone, who rose to prominence with the Hollywood adaptation of the novel The Fault in Our Stars, has been tapped to direct ... Discuss

Actor, humorist and expert on all things related to masculinity, Nick Offerman, created this gorgeous wooden sculpture to let everyone know about his new Netflix special, Nick Offerman: American Ham. Described as a “master class in life, love, woodworking, meat-eating and being a man,” the epic event will be released on Dec. 12 ... Discuss

Michelle MacLaren may not be a household name yet, but if you’re a fan of shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, than you are likely familiar with her work. Warner Bros. has just announced that MacLaren will soon be able to add another high-profile project to her resume: The upcoming Wonder Woman movie. The latest DC Comics adaptation will hit theaters sometime in 2017. Along with serving as an executive producer for Breaking Bad, MacLaren also directed several episodes of the series, as well as, episodes of The Walking Dead, The Leftovers, Better Call Saul and other TV hits ... Discuss

Demonstrations turned to violence and vandalism in parts of Ferguson last night as police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on protestors gathered to hear the verdict in officer Darren Wilson’s grand jury case. Soon after prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch announced that Wilson would not be indicted in the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown and outlined the evidence presented, police and protestors began to clash. At least 29 arrests were made, numerous businesses were looted and several cars were destroyed. In other cities like New York, Seattle and Oakland, mostly peaceful protestors gathered to express their disappointment in the decision.

The way authorities handled last night’s events has led the media to question some of the decisions. Why did authorities wait until 9 p.m. to make the announcement? Numerous media outlets noted how unwise this seemed, given the summer's curfew in the wake of clashes that occasionally turned violent. Even after three months, why did it appear that police were not given 48-hours notice about the announcement, as was initially expected? Also, police initially tweeted that officers “are not deploying tear gas. They are using #smoke to break up unruly crowds.” On TV though, reporters and crowds were clearly suffering from the effects of tear gas. It wasn’t until later that police tweeted, “tear gas was used on S. Florissant after smoke was unsuccessful in dispersing violent crowd. Smoke was used FIRST” ....