20-year-old Micah Dailey of Cape Coral, Fla. got himself in trouble when police caught him with marijuana, which would not be particularly noteworthy but for the shirt Dailey wore when he went directly to jail, did not pass go and did not collect any money as far as we can tell. 2014 is drawing into its evening phase (only eight more Fridays till Christmas, if you can even believe it), but we've got a late entry for the year's best mugshot. Good luck to all of this year's competitors ... Discuss

October is nearly over and, with it, the monthly changing of the guard at Netflix. But when Netflix closes a Say Anything, it opens a bevy of new movies. A lot of those movies are worth your time and consideration (Nebraska, Airplane!, The Preacher's Wife), the only thing you really need to block out for date night is The Rocketeer, the wonderful 1991 precursor to today's superhero movie craze. If the idea of seeing a World War II-era hero with a jetpack doesn't excite you, the thought of seeing a sneering, wicked Timothy Dalton as the film's villain ought to do the trick ... Discuss

Hi, there. Do you happen to live in Rockaway, New Jersey? Is the front yard in the video below yours? Well, hey, this won't take a minute, but you might want to check your front yard. There are two terrifying bears fighting and they're sort of messing up the flower situation you've got going on. Not a big deal. Just thought you should know. Be safe out there ... Discuss

Astronaut Reid Wiseman, who is currently on board the International Space Station (ISS), posted this amazing image of a sunrise shortly after a rocket bound for ISS exploded on its launch pad in Virginia. The spacecraft was supposed to send supplies, food, water and equipment to the astronauts. Though NASA said they aren’t at an immediate risk of running out of provisions, the explosion obviously took a toll on the crew. Wiseman added this caption to the stunning photo: “Not every day is easy. Today was a tough one.” Thankfully, no one was injured during the explosion ... Discuss

The University of Pennsylvania is now offering a course where students are required to do nothing but "stare at the screen for three hours, only interacting through chat rooms, bots, social media and listservs." So basically, it’s like every other college course, accept there’s no lecture going on in the background.

The goal of the class “Wasting Time on the Internet" isn’t totally clear, but has something to do with pondering the literary value and poetry of stuff like the junk on YouTube and listicles filled with GIFs of old Saved by the Bell references. The professor/poet behind the course told VICE, he was inspired to start the course because he was “very tired of reading articles in The New York Times every week that make us feel bad about spending so much time on the Internet, about dividing our attention so many times." Either that, or he just wanted to teach a class that simply involves him just sitting around while students aimlessly goof around on their laptops ... Discuss