Way back in the halcyon days of 2010, Community's Donald Glover casually mentioned that he'd like to play Spider-Man. Well, who wouldn't? Glover's offer had a little extra weight as Marvel had just introduced Miles Morales, a half-black, half-Latino teenager who takes the mantle of Spider-Man after Peter Parker dies in Marvel's line of Ultimate comics. The Internet got behind Glover quickly and #DonaldGlover4SpiderMan started trending. Well, it's taken a few years and a lot of racist tweets, but Glover is finally getting a small turn at bat: Voicing Spider-Man in an upcoming arc of DisneyXD's The Ultimate Spider-Man series. Cool. Cool, cool, cool ... Discuss

Oh, Hollywood. So eager to be seen as a torch of progressive thought and forward thinking, and yet so bound and determined to be the last bastion of objectification and misogyny. During Monday night's telecast, the Emmy Awards put Modern Family's Sofia Vergara on a spinning pedestal because who even cares why. The punchline, as with so many jokes regarding Sofia Vergara, is that she is an attractive woman and so wouldn't it be funny to reduce her to a trophy? This all happened just before Modern Family took home yet another Emmy for excellence in comedy, not that you'd know anyone on the show had anything funny to contribute to society from watching the Emmys. You keep doing you, Emmy Awards ... Discuss

The Jones Soda Company—the cola wizards behind such daring past flavor creations as Key Lime Pie, Turkey & Gravy, Broccoli Casserole and Applesauce—has just released their lab’s latest seasonal soda mash-up: Peanut Butter & Jelly back-to-school cola. As Foodbeast notes, it’s not the first PB&J sodas, but given Jones’ penchant for innovative flavor accuracy, it will certainly be a memorable beverage for those brave enough to partake ... Discuss

Monday night's Emmys belonged to Breaking Bad. The epic series won six Emmys last night, including Outstanding Drama Series, Best Actor – Drama (Bryan Cranston), Best Supporting Actor – Drama (Aaron Paul) and Best Supporting Actress – Drama (Anna Gunn). The comedy Modern Family took home its fifth Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy, and the latest season of Sherlock netted a whopping seven Emmys, including Best Actor - TV Movie/Miniseries for Benedict Cumberbatch.

For the most part, the ceremony itself was relatively tame (boring), but one awkward moment has been getting a lot of negative feedback from Twitter viewers. At one point, the CEO of the Television Academy made a tame (really boring) speech about how great the Television Academy is, and made actress Sofia Vergara stand on an elevated, rotating platform next to him to be displayed like a life-sized trophy. Obviously, people took issue with this “joke.” For a show that recognizes such innovation and great writing, you would have thought they could have come up with better material ... Discuss

Back to the Future may have left an entire generation disappointed by the non-existence of real-life hoverboards in the now-present future. But one dad isn’t going to let the lack of hover-industry innovation stop him from depriving his own children of the awesomeness. Using nothing but a hand vacuum and some hardware store supplies, this father made a working hovercraft for his kids as a toy. Now, maybe he can start working on light sabers or rocketpacks or something ... Discuss