The Pentagon knowingly hid information from an internal study that found that the Pentagon wasted $125 billion dollars in an effort to keep that money in future Congressional budgets, according to an investigation by The Washington Post.

The 77-page report summary by the Defense Business Board was finished and presented in January 2015 and would have allowed the U.S. Department of Defense to save about $125 billion over a period of five years without having to fire employees or lessen the strength of the military. It would have used early retirements, made changes to contractor deals and used technology more efficiently.

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert O. Work requested the study as a way to increase efficiency in what is known to be the most inefficient bureaucracy; however, when the results came out and the scope of the waste became known, Work seemed to change his mind, telling The Post that saving $125 billion was "unrealistic" and that number came from the Defense Business Board's lack of understanding about the way that would work out in practice versus in theory—citing that Congressmen will not eliminate federal civil service jobs because they "love having them in their districts."

In exchange, Work said that the Pentagon would implement some of the things from the study, but on a much smaller scale, resulting in a savings of $30 billion by 2020.

“We will never be as efficient as a commercial organization,” Work told The Post. “We’re the largest bureaucracy in the world. There’s going to be some inherent inefficiencies in that.”

According to The Post, higher-ranking officials at the Pentagon cautioned Work against ordering a study of that magnitude because of what it could uncover, but Work continued.

This study was the first comprehensive study done on the Department of Defense—for the first time there are now figures to put behind long-standing claims that the department is both overstaffed and overfunded. It found that the Pentagon is spending a quarter of its $580 million on overhead and operations.

The Department of Defense has 1,014,000 employees working desk jobs for a total of approximately $134 billion—compared to 1.3 million active troops.

The back office of the Pentagon had 457,000 employees for logistics or supply-chain jobs—more than UPS employs globally.

The consulting firm finished the study with three options: one that would save $75 billion, a far more aggressive one that would save at least $150 billion and the middle ground plan that they moved forward to recommend.

When the time came to share the results, Work was reportedly unsure about how to move forward, according to The Post's sources. He was nervous that Congress would take that money from the defense budget.

Other higher-ups of the department fought against the study's results and what that could mean for their individual sections of the department. The chief weapons-buyer, Frank Kendall III, when confronted with the cuts that would be made in his area, said of the $125 billion savings: “It was essentially a ballpark, made-up number.”

A combination of officials' dissent to the new savings plan caused it to eventually be buried, with many calling the plan "too ambitious and aggressive." Discuss

Last night on the semifinals of The Voice, contestant Christian Cuevas (who is on Alicia Key’s Team), may have performed the evening's most memorable song with his cover of Israel Houghton’s “To Worship You I Live,” which featured a full-on worship choir.

Key’s said that the song was “a dream-come-true performance,” and Blake Shelton added, “Whether you’re doing an uptempo, fun song or a sad song or a song of faith and worship like you just did, you have the ability to make us feel ...That’s the mark of a great artist.” Discuss

We agree.

The Writers Guild of America released the 2017 nominations for the top television, new media, news and radio achievements last night.

Some of our favorite shows from 2015 have managed to secure their spot again this year, with the exception of 2016’s most noteworthy shows, including Atlanta, Stranger Things and Westworld. The winners will be announced on February 19.

You can view the complete list of nominees here. Discuss

The 2017 Grammy nominations are here and they are stacked. For starters, Beyonce really out Beyonce’d herself by sweeping nominations in nine different categories. Right behind her are Drake, Rihanna and Kanye West at eight nominations.

Each category seems to be absolutely loaded with talent and we are thrilled to see lots familiar names gracing the nomination list this year: Lauren Daigle, For King & Country, Kirk Franklin, All Sons & Daughters, and Crowder—to name a few. And if the nominees are any reflection of some of the performances we might see this year, then the 2017 Grammy’s are going to be—dare we say, lit.

Here are some of the nominations for artists we know and love:

Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song:
“Trust In You" — Lauren Daigle
“Priceless” — For King & Country
“King Of The World” — Natalie Grant
“Thy Will” — Hillary Scott & The Scott Family
“Chain Breaker” — Zach Williams

Best Gospel Album:
Listen — Tim Bowman Jr.
Fill This House — Shirley Caesar
A Worshipper’s Heart [Live] — Todd Dulaney
Losing My Religion — Kirk Franklin
Demonstrate [Live] — William Murphy

Best Contemporary Christian Music Album:
Poets & Saints — All Sons & Daughters
American Prodigal — Crowder
Be One — Natalie Grant
Youth Revival [Live] — Hillsong Young & Free
Love Remains — Hillary Scott &The Scott Family

You can see the full list here. Discuss

Vice President Joe Biden said that he would run for president in 2020, but clarified that he wasn't making any commitments yesterday.

In response to being asked if he would run for office again, he told CNN: "Yeah, I am. I am going to run in 2020—for president. And also, you know so, what the h*ll man, anyway."

He clarified later: "I'm not committing not to run. I'm not committed to anything. I learned a long time ago, fate has a strange way of intervening," he said.

Late last year Biden opted against running in the 2016 election and campaigned for Hillary Clinton instead.

If Biden did run, he would be 77 on Election Day 2020. Discuss

Hillsong United as released another video from their album of Dirt and Grace, which was recorded live from the Holy Land.

“Here Now (Madness)” was recorded “on the doorstep of the Garden Tomb right below where many believe Golgotha was,” though in the YouTube description, they also add, “We realize this may or may not be Jesus' actual tomb—but the reality—it is EMPTY!”

Archeological history aside, it’s a pretty great song. Discuss