The long-awaited fourth season of the BBC phenomenon, Sherlock, now has an official air date. The hit show starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman will drop January 1, 2017—because everyone wants to get the new year started Britishly.

Earlier this year, the BBC today released the trailer for 'Sherlock' season four. Check it out:


Earlier today, a 5.5-magnitude earthquake hit Central Italy near its Macerata province. Then, just two hours later, a 6.1-magnitude quake happened not too far from the same area.

And this all is less than 50 miles from the deadly earthquake in Amatrice that killed nearly 300 people in August.

The U.S. Geological Survey has not reported any deaths yet and says the situation is still being assessed.

The mayor of a small town near the epicenter says that while they haven't reported deaths, they're also without power and can't make any definitive determinations yet.

The vibrations of the earthquakes could be felt in Rome, about 110 miles away.

We'll update this post as more information is available. Discuss

Another terrible tragedy has been added to the death toll of the refugee crisis, but unfortunately, officials say that it is not out of the norm.

Twenty-five refugees were found dead at the bottom of a rubber dinghy that left from Libya with at least 130 people on it.

More than 100 people from the boat were taken to safety, including children, by Doctors Without Borders workers. According to Doctors Without Borders, 23 of the people rescued had chemical burns and seven of them were evacuated to Italy for emergency treatment.

Officials believe those who died suffered from fuel inhalation.

“It took us three hours to retrieve 11 bodies because the mixture of petrol and water is so potent that we just couldn’t risk being in that boat for long periods of time,” Michele Telaro, the field coordinator for the Doctors Without Borders rescue missions, told The Independent. “It was horrific.”

Unfortunately, as this year so far has had the highest migrant death toll on the Mediterranean, these 25 deaths aren't surprising.

“This is a tragedy but we can’t say that today is an exceptional day at sea,” the manager of migration operations for Doctors Without Borders, Stefano Argenziano, said. Discuss

The Facebook page /ReasonsMySonCry has sparked a national debate, after a user named Laura DiMichele-Ross submitted a picture of her son crying while getting his picture taken with one of America’s greatest actors. Though the image was actually posted back in 2013, it’s recently become the subject of a pretty intense debate.

According to the “proof,” the image is of Bill Murray. But really, is there anyway to ever know? Discuss

The trailer remix gurus at CineFix have turned the Goonies into a thriller, and it’s legitimately scary. If we didn’t know any better, we honestly would have thought that the Goonies wasn’t just a delightful, pre-teen classic adventure movie filled with heart and laughter, and was whatever nightmare this trailer is.

You will never see the Truffle Shuffle the same way again. Happy Halloween, you guuuuys. Discuss

The famous author and filmmaker Philip Roth—who owns a legendary book collection—is donating 4,000 volumes to his hometown library.

This particular library, the main branch of the public library in Newark, New Jersey, means a lot to Roth. He grew up there in the 1930s and 1940s, and the Newark library became a mainstay in his life. And now he's giving that branch a significant portion of his library—many of the books are heavily annotated with the author's own notes.

And in return, the library plans to keep the books organized just as Roth had them. The New York Times reports Newark Library will forsake the Dewey Decimal system in honor of Philip Roth's donation: The library will maintain the collection in the same setup as it's in in Roth's current home.

Roth is probably most famous for his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, American Pastoral. This weekend, actually, a highly anticipated film adaptation of that book—which is also the directorial debut of Ewan McGregor—hits theaters. Discuss