Your Free RELEVANT Compilation Album Is Here

As you are hopefully aware, we like to thank you all for following us by way of giving you some free music every few months. And, yes, the rumors are true: that time is here again: an entire album of exclusive songs from some of our favorite bands like Fiction Family, Ivan & Alyosha, Playdough and plenty more. It's free. It's fun. And it's all yours for the cost of one Facebook like. Just head over to our Facebook page, like us and you'll see a picture of a pair of earbuds in the top right corner of the page. Click that, start the download and commence with your jamming. So, what are you waiting for? Go claim your music and, by all means, tell everyone you know we're giving away music. There's plenty to go around ...


Lee Zwicke


Lee Zwicke commented…

How do we download it? I already like you guys.

Brad Akin


Brad Akin replied to Lee Zwicke's comment

same here, cant find how to actually get the files

Jeff Nelson


Jeff Nelson commented…

Interesting that you made this available to stream on FB before you made available to subscribers for download.

Mark Dancer


Mark Dancer commented…

I downloaded this album from your Facebook page last week. and it's great! What's frustrating, though, is that I can't seem to get the albums I pay for (currently Vol., 9, Christmas and Fall 2012). The files download, but there is nothing to unzip. Emails exchanged with your support staff have not corrected the situation.

Brian Carpenter


Brian Carpenter commented…

thanks for the new tunes!

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