You Could Be the Author of the 'The Dark Crystal' Prequel

You probably know Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal as the first movie to give you an honest nightmare, but it could also be your ticket to fame, as the Jim Henson Company is on the market for someone to write a prequel to the 1987 cult classic. Just head over to, enter the contest and start writing—whoever pens the winning prequel gets $10,000 (which sounds like a lot, until you start thinking about how much money most people who write prequels probably make)

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Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

That was a weird movie. He made some 'out there' stuff that people have forgotten about. I might need to get all of them again though, because I do enjoy that 'out there' material.
I'm so not writing an entire movie for the 'chance' that they might like it over the hundreds submitted!

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