The World's Fastest Texter Has the Right Idea

17-year-old Austin Wierschke of Rhinelander, Wisconsin took home the top prize in Times Square yesterday for being the country's fastest texter. Gold medals, landing on Mars and now this; America is just on fire lately. This is actually Austin's second consecutive victory, which makes him sort of the Ryan Lochte of texting. Actually, a little better than Ryan Lochte, because Austin has the right idea. The winner of the LG Texting Championship takes home a $50,000 reward, fully double the top prize for a gold medal Olympian. If Olympians just took all the time they spent forging their bodies into machines and would work on texting, they'd be in a lot better financial shape than they are. Time to rethink your lives, gold medal athletes ...



my old, samsung flip-phone is amazing. Ask me how many times I've dropped it.

Go ahead. Ask.

I can't even keep count.

Durable, actual buttons, and has the best apps like: Calculator. And, that's it.

No-look texting, for those text conversations on-the-go. Especially when you're IN a convo. Wow, lifesaver. Awesome, and I'm done.


I think the Olympics and cellphones are pretty Relevant right now...


How is he the world's fastest texter hen the competition is not worldwide?

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