Well, Today's Google Doodle Is Perfect

Today marks the 107th anniversary of Windsor McCay's Little Nemo comic strip. If you know who Little Nemo is, well, then congratulations to you and your favorite comic strip. If not, then Google has put together a good way to introduce yourself to him by way of today's Google Doodle, which follows Nemo on one of his adventures with the Princess of Slumberland through an intricately detailed and interactive cartoon. So go check it out, and then make it your life mission to do something charming and whimsical enough to warrant a Google Doodle of your own someday ...



Anonymous commented…

Anyone else who read this slice thought of this first?


Holly Hechler


Holly Hechler commented…

I remember a possible movie after reading this post. Thanks Relevant for this slice! I might not have checked Google today.

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