There Is No Ceiling on Chris Brown's Reign of Terror

Chris Brown debuted a new neck tattoo this week, and it's an image of a beaten woman—because there is just no limit to that man's ability to make horrifying decisions. The Internet was abuzz about whether or not the picture is of Rihanna, who Chris Brown hospitalized in 2009 by punching her repeatedly in the face. Chris Brown insists that it's not Rihanna, just a tribute to Mexico's Day of the Dead that bears a striking resemblance to a beaten Rihanna. The "singer" tweeted a "defense" of himself yesterday, saying, "I'm an artist and this is art," which is less a defense than a highly dubious statement that has no bearing whatsoever on the issue at hand ...


Anonymous (not verified)

Is it just me or with a nose ring would he look a lot like Dennis Rodman in this picture?

Jake (not verified)

i think it, you say it...

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