Style Corner: Glenn Beck's Jeans

Think about the jeans you own. You probably own a few pairs, and they're probably fine. They get the job done, insofar as jeans have any job to do. But has it ever occurred to you that your jeans might be a little ...non-American? Well, you can be sure it occurred to Glenn Beck. And he's decided to do something about it. Now, at long last, Glenn Beck is making his own jeans, and for a cool $129.99, they can be yours. And you'll never have to wonder whether or not your jeans are American ever again ...


Anonymous (not verified)

I'm bad with my emoticons. Does the winky-face mean you know this is ridiculous?

Dsgb1000 (not verified)

You could buy 4 pairs of my jeans for that price, and that thriftiness is downright American


I'm waiting for Rachel Maddow's line of tube tops.

Meg (not verified)

The jeans are made in Kentucky from denim that is woven in North Carolina. American-made products usually cost more than products made in Asia. If Glenn Beck didn't own this company would you have reported on this the same way? Would you still have decried all other jeans as "non-American"? I think it's really cool that American-made jeans are an option for consumers now. And I don't care if Glenn Beck owns the company.


I don't blame Relevant for being snarky here, given Glenn Beck's repellent reputation.

Just my two cents ... which is worth $129.99 that will remain in my pocket for other matters...

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