Study: America’s Poorest Are More Generous than the Country's Wealthiest

Despite frequent news headlines about the generosity of American billionaires, according to a new study, in the U.S., the poor are more generous than the rich. The Atlantic recently looked at one of the most “confounding, facts of charity in America”: People who can’t really afford to give, typically donate more than those who can afford to.

In recent years, the top 20% of America’s wealthiest donated 1.3% of their incomes to charity, while the bottom 20% gave 3.2% of theirs. When sociologists looked at what’s behind the numbers, they found a surprising reason: It’s not that the country’s poorest are more generous than the typical person, it’s that America’s rich are far less generous than most people …


J Conley


J Conley commented…

Whether this study is true or not, I believe it.

I think of Jesus showing his disciples the generosity of a poor woman, who gave all that she had in the form of two copper coins, compared to the rich who gave out of abundance.

It's funny how, regarding how judgmental we are towards the poor and how much we favor the rich, we really haven't changed.

Kathleen Varas


Kathleen Varas commented…

agree with J Conley...I believe this study as has been a long held question of mine...Jesus used teaching to show humankind that we had to act not just talk...

Prince Yuan Chua


Prince Yuan Chua commented…

According to Forbes most recent list of the 400 wealthiest Americans, the wealth of the super-rich has grown during the last year. Meanwhile, as the wealthy get wealthier, the middle class continues to reduce in size, widening yet more the gap between the rich and the poor. Check more here.

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