Stars. Stripes. Sufjan.

The fun part of being a Sufjan Stevens fan is guessing what he'll do next, because it could be literally anything in the entire world. "Oh, Sufjan's building an undersea kingdom in which he'll become the new ruler of the mer-people to lead them in a glorious raising of Atlantis back above sea level in which he will record a thousand-hour tribute to each of America's immigrant short story writers? Sounds like he's stuck in a rut." So, given that, it should come as no surprise that, ahead of his impending Christmas compendium, he's released his cover of "The Star-Spangled Banner." Is he weighing a 2016 run? Seems as likely as anything else ...



Connerjfields commented…

There are certain things I can see Stephen not doing, for instance black-metal, goth rock, or "stoner rock". He's not really psychadelic either.

Noah Gooding


Noah Gooding commented…

The original lyrics are much better.

"Has it done nothing more than to drive us apart?"



Anonymous commented…

Overall this is a great song.

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