The Starbucks Diet, Because You Can't Put a Price on Health

A Virginia woman named Christine Hall dropped 76 pounds by eating at Starbucks every day, because if you're going to lose weight, why not spend a $12.99 on a bag of apple slices or whatever? Hall's wake up call came when she found out she couldn't donate a kidney because of her weight. That inspired Hall to start thinking thin, or, at least, thinking "ubiquitous overpriced coffeeshop." The chain isn't known as a calorie counters' paradise, but Hall kept to a strict regiment of oatmeal, fruit and paninis, and now, two years later, the 5-foot-4-inch 66-year-old weighs 114 pounds, and says she feels like a teenager again. Although it's hard to imagine what teenager's salary would allow them to eat at Starbucks for three square meals a day ...

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danna commented…

Well if you ever think about going on a diet for a better health there are definitely cheaper ways to do that. Perhaps the girl was an experiment, Starbucks may have been the one who instrumented it. We'll never know for sure. A real health concern is about something else, is about getting informed about your options. Sources like could be a good start.

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