Sorry, Mitt Romney, but Octomom Has Never Heard of You

Now that Mitt Romney has officially accepted the nomination to be the Republican candidate for the presidency, he'll have to get busy on the campaign trail, making a good impression on voters. And if he wants any shot at the Oval Office, he'll want to start trying to make some kind of impression on Nadya "Octomom" Suleman, who has never even heard of him. For unknown and inexplicable reasons, Octomom was asked for her opinion of Mitt Romney, to which she responded, "Who? No, I have no idea. I’m so sorry. I live in a village of little kids." No word on how or why the Romney campaign ignored the powerful Octomom constituency or what its plans are to tie up these potentially disastrous loose ends ...



Seriously commented…

Oh, good reply!


Judy commented…

who cares what she thinks?


Pamomof2boys commented…

When did it become mitt's job to seek out each individual goof ball? As adults, we all need to take some degree of responsibility for our education or ignorance.


Philmarquez74 commented…

Who the heck is she?


Anonymous commented…

The article was satirical and was making the exact same point most of you who are bashing the article are. The world must be a pretty frustrating place once you have become immune to irony.

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