Rob Bell Returns to Mars Hill, Announces His New Talk Show

When Rob Bell left Mars Hill Bible Church two years ago (the church he founded and helped grow into one of the most influential churches in the country), some speculated it was because of a theological controversy caused by his book Love Wins. The author and star of the NOOMA teaching series said he was moving to L.A. to focus more on writing and developing a television show. Bell put any rumors of discord to rest when he returned to the church to preach the week’s sermon and tell the congregation about his new TV project, The Rob Bell Show. According to the Christian News Network, Bell told the church that the talk show will focus on stories of redemption:

We want to talk about the things that matter most. We want to talk about our brokenness and our struggle. We want to be inspired. We want to hear stories. I want to take elements of this, what you’re experiencing here. I want to put it all in a blender, and throw in a little Lost, maybe some TED Talk and maybe some Letterman and do something that’s never been done before.

Update: Though ABC purchased the pilot to Rob Bell's initial television show, Stronger, it is unconfirmed what network will air his talk show. His appearance at Mars Hill Bible Church took place on March 10.



Just wondering Todd, did you read Love Wins? He actually explains it out (with scripture) and never denies there is a hell... just that "in the end" a lot of people won't stay there. I'm not totally on the Rob Bell cruise but he makes some interesting points to consider...


Interesting question Chris proposed here... "Did God really say...?"


Rob Bell's use of Scripture is not at all impressive.
In his exegesis of the Greek words he is often 100%, completely backwards, wrong!
I explain that in my book "CrossCurrents: How to Make Sense of the Christian Life" on Amazon.
Generally, though, he tries to make the case that the Bible never uses the concept of "Forever" as we use the term. That is clearly wrong.

boy wonder

My God. Do we really have to fight these silly battles again EVERY TIME there's a story with Rob Bell in it? Can we please stay on topic?


I hear you, J.T.

I believe that God is a God of clarity, not confusion. If these topics are causing so much confusion, then they can't be from God. When you really get down to it, does whether or not you agree with Rob make you a Christian or not? There are plenty of issues that divide us as Christians, but we are still Christians. Rob is not God, but he does have a silver tongue. If you don't like what he says, just don't listen to it.


J.T. and Jay - the early church vigorously fought to prevent heresy from infiltrating the Body, and Paul was adamant about defending the faith against those who would try to inject doctrine that ran counter to the Truth. If Bell can reject both the doctrine of hell AND the Scriptures about homosexual behavior leading to eternal separation from God, is there any standard of Truth to which you would hold him? Or does he get to be considered "Christian" simply because he continues to appropriate the name?
Paul says in 1 Cor. 5 that we are certainly to judge within the church. I have a very high tolerance for ambiguity and the reexamination of sacred cows, but we have to balance flexibility in those matters with respect for what Scripture clearly states. Bell doesn't. How can anyone take him seriously when he has been publicly declaring that the church needs to yield to modern sentiment on the issue of homosexuality?


sorry Wade, but that is YOUR interpretation. other Christians feel otherwise and have plenty of contextual and exegetical evidence to back it up. Just because your faith tradition has a history of believing a certain way, doesn't mean it is necessarily what you refer to as "Truth". You are certainly welcome to your own beliefs and to defend them, but you aren't really in any sort of position to be calling anyone a heretic. Remember that Scripture was also used to legitimize slavery and abuse and look where that got us! lets play nice and encourage each other instead of trashing the church. a little debate every now and again is healthy, especially in the church. read the article just posted-


the only reason churches used the bible to defend slavery was because they recognized that the bible existed as an ultimate authority that all christ followers adhered to. Furthermore, slavery was opposed by the abolition movement, not because christians said "screw the bible, we know slavery's wrong", but because christians re-examined the scripture to express that God's word opposes slavery. dismissing an orthodox view of scripture as "YOUR interpretation" is not very effective when you're going against an entire history, 2 millinia worth, of church interpretation. My point is that as long as we accept Scripture as the word of God and the final authority then the charge of heresy is fair game for someone claiming to be a christian when it becomes clear that they are not submitting to the clear teaching of scripture. We are not saying that they are good-for-nothing dirt. We are just saying "sorry bro, you're not really a christian."


We need to be on guard about post-modern ideas worming their way into our discussions of these issues. I agree that any individual person's opinion does not amount to much, probably. What counts is the reasons for the opinion. Rob Bell deserves criticism because his reasoning will not stand up to close analysis. Critics of Bell can't be dismissed by saying "it's only their opinion."
The problem runs much deeper than that. There is such a thing as truth, and there is also such a thing as error.


There is so much danger in saying "that's YOUR" interpretation! That makes Truth relative... I appreciate Tyler Hernandez comment "as long as we accept Scripture as the word of God and the final authority then the charge of heresy is fair game for someone claiming to be a christian when it becomes clear that they are not submitting to the clear teaching of scripture."
Rob Bell stands against what 2000 years of Christianity has said- his opinion on homesexuality is not based within scripture only within his own experience. His opinions on hell are completely unfounded.... YES we have a place to call him a heretic when he is a wolf dressed in sheep costume leading thousands of people astray by saying this is Biblical.... when its not! Its his opinion and experience not based on the words of God!


As believers we must have the courage, based on our Faith in God as the only way to salvation, to speak out against what is wrong in love and respect in order to bring people to God. The word is our plumb line. Tit 2:11-15. The truth is we might complain about less people wanting to be in churches, but the word tells us that many will turn from the faith (Matt 24:10). The church leadership mustn't dilute the gospel to fill pews. The church must share Jesus with love and boldness because the violent will take it by force.

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