Rob Bell’s New Book Trailer Released

A “Behind the Book” preview of Rob Bell’s new project has been released. And according to publisher HarperOne, in What We Talk About When We Talk About God, Rob Bell does for God "what he did for heaven and hell in Love Wins". Considering the controversy that surrounded Love Wins’ challenges to traditional views of the afterlife, this book could make some more waves. After the controversy over Love Wins settled a bit, Bell and his wife left the church he pastored in Grand Rapids, Mich., and moved to California, where he now holds seminars and is working on producing a TV show. The HarperOne release also added that this book will "challenge everything you think you know about God" …


Darren Johnson


Darren Johnson commented…

Rob Bell has had some good things to say over the years and I still appreciate what he has to say to some degree, but man, he's really become the king of being incredibly vague.

Derek Rishmawy


Derek Rishmawy commented…

I just hope the discussion doesn't go the way it did last time. I think the best thing to do is calm down, read the book, then comment.

Will Certain


Will Certain replied to Derek Rishmawy's comment

I completely agree! Most people who I know that were critical of Love Wins still haven't read the book. I value the fact that most of his work has the goal of starting a conversation. He's not writing systematic theology texts.



Andy commented…

I really don't agree, guys. Rob Bell isn't specific because his faith isn't. He dabbles in all kinds of theories and dances around the all-sufficiency of Christ, but never lands anywhere. Lets not forget what we stand for. Salvation through Christ is hard for any sinner to stomach, but it is the only path to God that He has ever instituted here on earth. I can appreciate intelligence because God created all brilliant minds, but we should have no room for tolerating any salvation message short of Christ's. We can love the sinner while rejecting his/her theories.... sometimes, that is exactly how we should show love.... in grace AND truth.

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