This Richard Dawkins Speech Is Impossible to Describe

Richard Dawkins, as you may know, is one of the world's most famous atheists. He's also credited with coining the term "meme," in his landmark 1976 work The Selfish Gene. He also gave this talk at Cannes, and it's, well, uh, it's a little difficult to describe. The first five minutes are pretty standard, interesting fare. The last four minutes or so are somewhat less standard, but definitely very interesting, and relatively impossible to explain. Make your own analysis ...


Jonathan Avants


Jonathan Avants commented…

Analysis: he just made my day.

@ Avery Laing: Life has only the value you make of it. :)

David Irvine


David Irvine commented…

This reminds me of that scene in Lost when Carl is being drugged and brainwashed by the Others

Michael Throne


Michael Throne commented…

My top two snarky comments: 1) Should've known something was up when he was wearing Rick Warren's shirt. 2) I didn't even know Dawkins and Skrillex were working together these days.

Jeff Cook


Jeff Cook commented…

First half the idea. Second half amazingly bizarre.
Perhaps if we make something really odd, people will pay attention to the first half, and the meme/video itself will spread the idea up front.

Caleb Moore


Caleb Moore commented…

Richard Dawkins is very Dada.

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