Question of the Day: What's Your Dream Vacation?

Summer's a time for vacations, so lots of us are getting ready to hit the beach, or the mountains or just sleep in till noon. But we're not talking about that, we're talking about your dream vacation. If money was no concern, how would you spend your summer vacation?



Anonymous commented…

On the Oregon Coast. Camping as much as possible either at KOA Kampgrounds or the State Parks.



Jason commented…

I would go hang out with my fam on the West Coast; then spend a couple of weeks in England (I want to go see Top Gear), Scotland/Ireland, Italy, Greece, Israel/Jerusalem, Costa Rica (for epic surfing), Ghana, Thialand, Napal, China (to visit friends), and finally Japan (and just stay there).



peter commented…

Backpacking Morocco. For sure.

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