QOTD: If You Could Have Any Job, What Would You Want It To Be?

When you're a kid, you dream big. Astronaut. Marine biologist. Movie star. Then, you get older and start adjusting your career goals. So, time to go back to being a kid. If you could have any job, what would you want it to be?



Anonymous commented…

I would love to man a lookout tower in the middle of the mountains. Watching for new forrest fires, far away from the digital world we live in.


Anonymous commented…

Those crazy old guys that live in the fire lookouts which take like three days to hike to. They live off of the blackest cowboy coffee ever seen to man and its meat and potatoes err night. Im vegetarian but it would still be awesome.


Jonathan Parsons commented…

I wanted to be an author as soon as I had put down The Last Battle in the Narnia series. In Grade 3 I wrote my own fantasy story which was 20 pages long! My school friend Daniel was the main character.


wangari commented…

Ive always wanted to be a professional farmer with a farm shop and processing the extra produce for other markets

Johan Castellanos


Johan Castellanos commented…

Formula 1 Pit Crew.

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