PBS Reminds Us How Ridiculous Reality TV Has Become

As part of a promotion for its 50-year anniversary, New York’s PBS station has launched a new ad campaign reminding the public just how over-the-top non-PBS reality TV is. A series of subway posters feature promos for fake shows and (amazing) taglines including: The Dillionaire: Life’s a Pickle, Bayou Eskimos: Their life is headed south, Knitting Wars: It’s sew on and, our favorite, Married to a Mime: She’s got plenty to say. The posters also carry the line “The fact you thought this was a real show say a lot about the state of TV.” Yeah PBS, the state of how awesome it is …


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Um, isn't Eskimo a derogatory term? I would think that even while trying to be funny PBS would catch that one.


Blake A.


Blake A. commented…

I'm gonna be completely honest, I've never really watched PBS programming, however this piques my interest. I'm gonna have to at least checkout their site and programming now.


Charity Parenzini


Charity Parenzini commented…

Oh PBS, how I have come to love thee. If only you would cast me on "Mr. Selridge"... and @Esther, I wondered the same thing but I found out it really depends on the native you talk to and which country you use the word... this article/post helps explain it. In any case I LOVE the use of humor. Bravo. Or rather, "Thank goodness you are NOT Bravo". http://askville.amazon.com/Eskimo-considered-pejorative/AnswerViewer.do?...

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