Nicolas Cage’s 'Left Behind' Movie Poster Unveiled

You are looking at the promotional poster for one of the most anticipated movies of a generation: The reboot of Left Behind starring Nicolas Cage. Until now, all we’ve had were the Internet rumors, IMDB pages and, well, let’s be honest, hope—hope that Nicolas Cage would take the torch from Kirk Cameron and join the likes of Chad Michael Murray and Ashley Tisdale to make the movie we’ve all so desperately longed for. But now our apocalyptic dreams seem one step closer to coming true. The poster—which is a work of art in itself—depicts our hero standing in front of the wreckage of an airplane while exploding cities burn in the background. And, of course, Nicolas Cage is staring directly at us, the viewer, because as we’ve long known, cool guys never look at explosions




Meghan commented…

"to make the movie we’ve all so desperately longed for." -- Said no one, ever.

Michael Snow


Michael Snow replied to Meghan 's comment

You beat me to it (had just come here to paste it). If only Christians would long to study Scripture. Get a good Bible commentary on Thessalonians, e.g. F.F. Bruce or NICNT, and put this modern myth to rest. Spend your money on something worthwhile.

Whitney Davis


Whitney Davis commented…

you guys can speak for your self there is a whole lot of people that read the books that would love to see the movies.
your should read them you might learn a thing or two



Andrew commented…

I am excited about the potential of a big-budget version of Left Behind. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the books, the theology (or lack thereof) behind them, but I am interested in any Sci-fi or action movie with an entwined Christian, God-fearing message. It's about darn time someone tried to do it and do it well.

For all those who aren't fans of Nic Cage, you have to admit that his movies are solid entertainment - with the exception of "The Wicker Man" and "Ghost Rider".

Parables Today


Parables Today commented…

This is a good thing in that it will open a dialogue about the Bible. That's always a good thing.

David Paul


David Paul commented…

If this hasn't already been said, the word "rapture" is not in the bible. Like most biblical misunderstandings someone took a verse slightly out of context and took it way to left field. It's mostly speculation but if it is true Christians will be here with everyone else during the full reign of Obama, erhm I mean the Anti-Christ.

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