This New STD Can Kill In a Matter of Days

Doctors are grappling with a lethal new strain of gonorrhea (your great-grandparents called it "the clap") that's immune to antibiotics and can “put someone into septic shock and death in a matter of days. This is very dangerous," said Alan Christianson, who is a doctor of naturopathic medicine in Phoenix. "We need to move now before it gets out of hand.” The strain was discovered in a Japanese sex worker back in 2011, and has so far baffled scientists who are trying to treat it. If it starts to spiral out of control, doctors warn that it “might be a lot worse than AIDS” ...


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Wow, that is scary. All I can think of is the girls and women enslaved in the sex industry who may become victim to this horrible disease.

Shem Change


Shem Change commented…

the world is coming to an end friends only God can safe us from this epidemic! what does the Bible say about deadly diseases? at what time shall we experience this? from there what will happen? think about it!! please go back to God's dictionary "Bible "and you will understand this! JESUS IS COMING SOON IF NOT SOONER! BUT IS COMING MAY GOD PROTECT YOU FRIENDS IF ONLY YOU OBEY HIS DECREE!

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