Mysterious Door that Suddenly Appeared in Park Probably a Gateway to Narnia

A mysterious, tiny door has appeared in the side of a tree in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. No one seems to know who installed the small wooden door or what kind of enchanted netherworld may lay beyond its tiny hinges. Though, clearly, it is a gateway to Narnia. Unamused park department section supervisor Andy Stone told the local NBC station, “As of now we don’t have any plans other than to leave the elf door and continue to take care of Golden Gate Park”. Good move Andy—we know a portal to a fantastic mythical wonderland when we see one …



You mean a 'Lewis Wonderland', right?


That's where Dumbledore Calrissian is from, right?


@Benjamin ... Good catch, correction made


Are they going to be selling the cakes and drinks to shrink you down and grow you back up again to use the door?

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