Meet the Man Who Dresses Like a Giraffe to Perform Good Deeds

Armstrong Baillie is a 32-year-old Scottish man who dresses up like a giraffe to go perform good deeds. There's really not a whole lot you can add to that sentence, because it's pretty much perfect as it is. Baillie told The Courier that one day, he asked himself, "What would happen if I dressed up as a giraffe and went around doing good deeds?" Why nobody has asked that question before Baillie is a mystery for another day. He dresses like a giraffe to bring toys to the children's hospital. He dresses like giraffe to bring hot coffee to college students. He dresses like a giraffe to walk around picking up litter. To say much more would ruin the singular beauty of this story, but you can read Baillie's blog about the whole adventure here ...


Anonymous (not verified)

I think i found my soul mate

Anonymous (not verified)

Awww, this is the cutest!

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