Meet Bobbie, the 4-Year-Old Mayor of Dorset, Minn.

Dorset, Minn is a small (very small—Pop. 22) fishing town in Minnesota that selects its mayors by putting the town's residents into a hat and drawing one out. Such time-honored traditions are doubtless part of what makes America great, and fate chose young (very young—age 4) Robert Tufts to guide the town. Of course, you're probably thinking that a 4-year-old lacks the depth of knowledge and political experience to guide a town through today's trouble bipartisan waters, but that just shows you don't know much about politics. Because you're not a mayor. Bobbie Tufts is ...



As a lifelong resident of the great state of Minnesota, this is awesome and I couldn't be more proud..


I too am a lifelong resident of Minnesota. Sometimes I'm amazed that we are surrounded by such boring states like Iowa and North Dakota. You'd think some of our awesomeness would have rubbed off by now...

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