Louie Giglio and Medgar Evers' Widow Will Pray at Obama's Inauguration

Atlanta pastor and Passion Conference frontman Louie Giglio will share the stage with the widow of slain civil rights champion Medgar Evers to deliver the invocation and benediction at President Barack Obama's inauguration. The president selected these two because "their voices have inspired many people across this great nation within the faith community and beyond. Their careers reflect the ideals that the vice president and I continue to pursue for all Americans—justice, equality, and opportunity." In a statement, Giglio said, "It is my privilege to have the opportunity to lead our nation in prayer at the upcoming inauguration. During these days it is essential for our nation to stand together as one. And, as always, it is the right time to humble ourselves before our Maker. May we all look up to our God, from whom we can receive mercy, grace and truth to strengthen our lives, our families and our nation. I am honored to be invited by the President to lead our nation as we look up to God, and as we look ahead to a future that honors and reflects the One who has given us every good and perfect gift" ...


Jeida K. Storey


Jeida K. Storey commented…

YEAH!!!! I'm so proud of my pastor and this opportunity to be a light of God's glory on such an awesome platform. Amazing.

Diane Gee


Diane Gee commented…

Pastor Louie I am so happy for you and the President to have this opportunity to meet one another and that you will be doing the benediction at the Inauguration! What a blessing for him and the USA to have you there! We will be waiting in anticipation to see you at the WH.



Neilio commented…

Bummer that Louie was forced to withdraw by pressure from the activist left because of one sermon he gave about homosexuality 15 years ago. I'm so glad Progressives are so inclusive and forgiving.

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