Kindergartener Suspended for Mohawk; Evidently Looking Sweet Now Against the Rules

The totally lame administrators at Reid Primary and Middle School in Springfield, Ohio, (who were probably just jealous), suspended a kindergarten student after he showed up with a rad new Mohawk, saying the new ‘do was “to distracting” and a violation of school policy, which sounds exactly like what you'd expect the man to say to keep the sheeple in line. As if 5-year-old Ethan wasn't way too cool to care about things like “student handbooks” in the first place. Ethan is a child of the revolution—his only handbook is "be rad." After being sent home, Ethan’s parents eventually shaved the Mohawk, and he was able to return to class, but only after a message was sent loud and clear to his teachers and classmates—Ethan plays by his own rules …



Call me a prude, but I'm not a fan of the "edgier" writing in these slices that have been popping up on Relevant. I understand trying to be funny in regards to some rather ridiculous stories like this one, but being crass and unrefined isn't appropriate.

I say this in regards to the "lame administrators" who are probably only doing their jobs as dictated by the district.


You should look up the definition of "prude" first, then look up "tongue-in-cheek".


I understand what you're saying. I'm in my mid 20's and worked with kindergarteners recently. I've seen more distracting things. This is plain ridiculous.


I enjoy the way they are written. I look forward to a laugh from reading them! :-)


And I'm sure the mullets sported by said administrators aren't distracting....
(this was a joke specifically for Travis)

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