Iranian State TV Photoshops Michelle Obama’s Oscar Dress

Yesterday, we posted a story about Iranian state TV’s harsh words for the Academy Award’s Best Picture winner Argo. The Iranian news agency said the film was “anti-Iran”, “an advertisement for the CIA” and even called the movie’s production company “Zionist”. Well, along with the filmmaking of Ben Affleck, Iran is apparently also no fan of sleeveless evening gowns. While showing a clip from the Oscars ceremony, in which First Lady Michelle Obama announced the award live from the White House, the news agency Fars Photoshopped her dress to make it less revealing. According to Yahoo, her dress violated modesty codes enforced throughout many Muslim countries …

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Jason Caternolo


Jason Caternolo commented…

Would it be wrong to say, 'I'm actually not bothered by this.' At least they're (Iran) allowing coverage of events like this.

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