Introducing the Wooden Skyscraper

A skyscraper made out of wood sounds like a pretty radical idea, but if the plans for this 34-story building are chosen as part of a design competition, it could become a reality by 2023. The designs are from a Scandinavian architecture firm for a massive new apartment complex in Stockholm, Sweden, and its designers say that wooden skyscrapers could offer a much more eco-friendly option than concrete and steel. According to the firm, traditional construction accounts for 30-40 percent of all CO2 emissions, but a wooden building would decrease emissions and produce far less waste …


Michael Lettner


Michael Lettner commented…

It would have a lot of CO2 emissions if it caught on fire. And steel is recycled.



Andy commented…

It would also take a tremendous amount of wood to build. If our downtown cores were made of wood buildings, there wood be no trees left. The ecological toll in that regard would be rather high too I suspect.

Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Seriously, I have a fear of heights in steel and concrete buildings, I'm pretty sure that fear would be heightened in a wooden skyscraper. Yikes.

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