Hillsong Is Opening a Church in Israel

Today the global senior pastor of Hillsong church, Brian Houston, took to Instagram to announce that his church will be opening three new branches in cities around the world including Tel Aviv, Israel. Houston posted:

"Let me to be the first to tell you this is happening. Hillsong church is going to add a room to our church family in ISRAEL. From Jerusalem to the ends of the earth and from the ends of the earth back to Israel. #prayforhillsongisrael #TelAviv."

According to one report, if the Hillsong church services pack out in Tel Aviv like they do in Sydney, New York or London, the church might even expand and open a second base in Jerusalem.


Vanessa Loy


Vanessa Loy commented…

And the gospel of hipness and affluence keeps advancing the globe; I don't think we'll see Hill$ong Port Au Prince or Hill$ong Calcutta anytime soon.

Reinhardt La'lajavierto


Reinhardt La'lajavierto replied to Vanessa Loy's comment

Hi Vanessa well what about Hillsong Mitchels plain, Hillsong in Alex Johannesburg or Hillsong in Guguletho township Africa? I guess you never knew about them?Its the good news of the gospel of grace and yes it is hip and brings about afluence as Jesus did come so we may have life and life more abundently

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