Here's the Trailer for 'A Case for Christ' Based on Lee Strobel's Book

Yes, Lee Strobel's now-classic apologetic work, The Case for Christ, is going to be a movie. Earlier today USA Today premiered the trailer for the film, which tells the story of Strobel's setting out to disprove the historical claims of Christianity—a project that led both to his conversion to Christianity and the book itself.

The trailer is intense, but—we're going to be honest here—interesting. Check it out:

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Clotilde Hélène Barberon


Clotilde Hélène Barberon commented…

It's one of the best books I've read about Jesus. I'm kinda interested in the film, thought I feel it'll have a cringe side that the investigation book doesn't because it's rid of all love story lines and is just that: an investigation that makes Jesus real and true!

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