The Government is Hiding the Existence of Mermaids

For most people, the Government officially denying the existence of mermaids means they finally have an answer to the questions that has been keeping them awake all night for every night of their life. The rest of us know that this means we're just going to have to look a little harder. The truth is out there ...


dragongirl81 (not verified)

I believe mermaids are real. The government is trying to control us and make us believe that nothing mythical exist. They will brainwash or pay you off so that people can keep quite about what they've seen or heard. Well sooner or later the truth will come out, the government can't keep secrets about whats out there.

Chrisvoteur (not verified)

i believe in mermaids too and i think i know were to find them 1 mid Baltic sea in the Bornholm basin open ocean i have learned that the hunt with dolphins and migrate with whales i have learned that they travel in pods as well thank you for listening.

Andresheuna (not verified)

I watched a special on animal planet last night and yes, mermaids do really exist. A government agent, who's identity remained witheld, admitted to the fact that mermaids do exist and the navy seal actually caught one in 2004 and kept it alive until it died in 2007. He wasnt able to show his face on tv, but I believe every word he said.!!! Mermaids are humans who have evolved over the years.!!

Sweetlife (not verified)

The government isa threatening to the world. The world must stand up and fight back.

lizzy (not verified)

Agree. Just so you know, you said threatening, you mean threat. Anyway, yes, the government is a world threat. The people of the world need to fight back.

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