Going Undercover at an AK-47 Gun Building Party

A writer from Mother Jones magazine has posted this report about attending a gun building party in California. According to his article, these 8-hour classes are relatively common, and in just one day, attendees can walk away with a fully-functioning, totally untraceable, AK-47 assault rifle. And, because the guns are assembled from individual parts and are just for “personal use,” the serial numberless weapons are completely legal. The gun build parties use legal loopholes and slight design modifications to allow students to own unregistered assault weapons, even though—as the reporter found—law enforcement agencies didn’t seem aware that such parties even took place. In many states, the homemade guns can be sold without any background checks or documentation. Those one-time use, 3-D printed guns suddenly seem a little less scary …

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Ralph commented…

He's in California. If you look @ 1:20 in the video, you can clearly see that the magazine lock is mounted too far back, allowing the magazine to be detached without the use of a tool:
Combined with the fact that it's a semiauto, and that it has a pistol grip, he's filmed himself committing a felony.
He also mentions how he performed an improper demil. Thus, since California requires transfers of long-guns to be performed at an FFL, he illegally transferred the rifle when he left it for the "garbage truck":
Back in my garage I use a grinding wheel to cut the receiver in half and the other components into pieces. I put the scraps back in the cardboard box the kit came in and leave it for the garbage truck.
More info from a thread @ CalGuns.net:

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