First World Problems Read by Third World Citizens

For their new, perspective-altering television spot, the good folks over at Water is Life filmed a few Haitians rattling off a list of First World problems.



Guest commented…

That's hardly the message of the video. I don't understand how one can read a zero-sum game into it, or conclude that the wealth of other nations is the cause of this kind of poverty. It's about reminding us in the First World to put our daily hassles in perspective. If anything, it tells us to appreciate how good we already have it, and to consider ourselves in a position to help those who don't even have something as basic as clean water.


1234567 commented…

You're right, this video is stupid. Why the hell should we help these people when it's not even our fault... - is what you're trying to say right? I for one, feel that it is important not to dismiss the heartbreaking situation in countries like Haiti and those helping as some sort of deceitful hidden fallacy attempt.

Victoria Muindi


Victoria Muindi commented…

I am from what is considered a "third world country" and I hate the message that this video portrays. Why is it that such problems are called "first world problems"? There are people in "third world countries" that complain when their charger doesn't reach their bed either. On the other hand... there are problems in America alone! This video assumes that a) all first world countries only experience first world problems, and b) all other countries experience "real problems". A problem is a problem because the person it affects believes it to be a problem. I'm amazed that they actually got these children to say these things. Videos like these only portray a "white savior syndrome".



Lora replied to Victoria Muindi's comment

Thank you, and well said.
I am from North America, but have been living in West Africa for years...and all I see when I see this video is "These people are so poor. Feel bad."
I don't feel like this video is respecting the dignity of the people in it at all. They all have stories, and I know nothing of it. And I agree...some of these "first world problems" get complained about here...and I know people living in North America that have real problems as well, and I don't think it's fair to make them feel like their problems are insignificant. There is suffering around the world.


Labelledonna commented…

I get it...Sometimes as Christians we need to look at things from a different angle and have the right perspective. When I first watched this video I felt sad for the kids and the country...and then I read the comments and I watched it again....
We all have problems ...and when i saw the sweet African people reading it it didn't make sense cause their problems are bigger.It's not that we all don't have problems but sometimes we tend to grumble and look at life as a problem in everything...We find a problem in someone's post or video...We need to look at things from a solution perspective as an inner evaluation perspective . Before we read or watch something or even comment, Ask God what can we get out of this not what can I condemn .. I know we have the right to our views and comments and so by no means am i trying to put down any ones views here. But just trying to see things from the video perspective.I am from India and we do have cities and the rural poor areas as well and I have been to the states several times so I can relate to this video.What I got through this video is not a deceitful attempt at all, but a self check on how we look at our problems.And where we can help in a bigger way at the bigger problems.I actually found this video creative. When i saw the kids say the sentences they were told to say they had absolutely no idea what it meant.An eye opener to be grateful for what I have and go beyond me to look out for my brothers and sisters who have bigger needs.


alesha00 commented…

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