Evidentially, Millennials Are Really Bad at Job Interviews

A recent piece from USA Today looks at a new trend among recent college grads—tanking during job interviews. In the article, several HR executives say that prospective employees between the ages of 18 and 34 frequently display behavior that is inappropriate and unprofessional. Who’s to blame for the lack of workplace etiquette? According to them, social media, of course! “The trend reflects a generation of Millennials who grew up texting and using smartphones and social media … So much off-the-cuff speaking in tweets and text messages has left many young people with stunted social skills.”

Though that sounds a little harsh, the article does provide some solid, practical job interview advice that is in no way patronizing to this demographic, like: Don’t bring your cat to your job interview; your parents should not accompany you; don’t take a random phone call mid-interview. Wow, us youngsters still have a lot to learn …




Skevin commented…

Why would I not bring my mom? She's a reference. Two birds. One stone.

Sounds like your company hates efficiency.

Corey Weberling


Corey Weberling commented…

Doesn't even make sense, that's not "lack of social skills," that's just stupidity/ignorance and I mean that in the most non-judgmental way...but someone failed really hard at teaching and guiding, etc. Social media didn't teach those people to do that, its the fact that no one taught them that that is inappropriate.

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