Easter Pageant Goes Wonderfully, Brilliantly Wrong

The service at Canton First Church of the Nazarene was going like most Easter services go. Big, sturm and drang finale with whoever's playing the part of Jesus rising triumphantly from the tomb. But at about the 1:20 mark on this video, things take an incredible, marvelous, unbelievable turn. And a tip of the RELEVANT cap to the soloist here, who does his church and his country proud by not letting a life-threatening spectacle of chaos derail the moment, which makes the video a million times better His song is the perfect soundtrack to this perfect Easter pageant ...


Jonathan White


Jonathan White commented…

I actually kept singing for several reasons, 1, the song is very "wordy" and if you miss one word, your totally lost, I didn't want that to happen. 2, I didn't want people to panic, I knew our team could handle the situation, which is proven by their quick actions. God actually used what we consider a "mishap" for His glory. I sing all over the world, in many "different" situations, I've always just kept singing when something goes wrong. It really does help keep people calm. Props to the team that quickly jumped in and saved the day!! I'm just glad that people are hearing about God, even though it may be through a strange circumstance.

Marie Jones


Marie Jones commented…

I loved this! I'm sorry to laugh at it, but maybe we need to be reminded that in the midst of the fire we need to keep the focus on Jesus...as the singer did!

Chris Everett


Chris Everett commented…

@Jonathon White: You did not "know" your team could handle it... You guessed. This time, you guessed right. Next time, you may not. Fire is not something to play around with. Had that extinguisher not been successful, things may have turned out in tragedy for many, many families. You should have engaged a plan (you had one, right?) to evacuate the building. You may only have a couple of minutes to do so in the event that fire spreads before the room becomes lethal. Don't let your church story look like that Rhode Island nightclub fire.

Sarah Dutra


Sarah Dutra commented…

@Chris Everett: The fact that you're calling this guy out is clearly showing that you missed the point. It's not that serious, and it's kinda hilarious now to look back on. And you can't be serious about comparing this to a nightclub? The last time I checked, Nazarene churches do not have any alcohol in their buildings on a regular basis. Nightclubs on the other hand..

Chris Everett


Chris Everett commented…

@Sarah: I'm serious as a heart attack, and I'm _horrified_ that this is being treated as a joke. There was a fire that was out of control, in a room full of people. That's should scare you. Had that extinguisher not contained the blaze it could have quickly moved to additional set pieces or other things and spread. Fire in a space like that can spread with amazing speed and render even a large space unsurvivable in only a couple of minutes. With a crowd of people not familier with the room, who are likely to panic to rush the exits... Creating the exact same scenario as has happened in countless theater fires and nightclub fires. Alcohol has nothing to do with it. The combination of crowds, limited exits, and flammable materials creates it.

Great White used pyro in small clubs, and it wasn't a problem. Until one day it was, and 100 people died.

NASA got away with tiles falling off the space shuttle, until one day they didn't and seven people died and a priceless space shuttle burned up.

I could go on and on with examples of fundamentally unsafe things that people got away with until they didn't. That's not the way you manage risk, nor is it the way to measure safety... Not burning the church down here isn't the sign that your operation is safe... This is a clear demonstration that your safety measures failed in a catastrophic way, and must be reviewed and corrected by a qualified person. A guy ran off stage with a burning door, dropping embers on everything in his path. There was no fire extinguisher near the fire, and clearly no one assigned to monitor the fire, or overall safety. This was NOT a demonstration of what to do. This was a (small scale) disaster.

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