DVR Alert: ‘Sharknado’ Airs Tonight

The latest completely insane SyFy channel original movie, Sharknado, airs tonight. As the title subtly implies, the “film” is about a tornado of sharks that brings its reign of terror to the unsuspecting city of Los Angeles. We’re pretty sure it’s a documentary …



I can see it now:

"AAAGH! SHARKS! QUICK EVERYONE! WE NEED TO FIGHT THESE-... Uh.. actually. let's just all walk away. and ignore the problem. I mean they're sharks. on land... so they'll die on their own... and the ones in the water will swim away after a while. they always do. in the meantime just raise the red flags so no one goes in the water.... well now that that's settled. let's all go get a taco at Taco Bell."

"Sure man, I'd love a taco from Taco Bell"

*the end*

*disclaimer during credits *this show brought to you by Taco bell "You fight the sharks. we make the tacos" *

after credit scene: a shark.. swimming alone... suddenly a ripple! it means another tornado! screen goes dark.


you know I'm right. You just haven't admitted it to yourself yet.

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