Don’t Call It a Comeback: Twinkies to Return in July

Mark your calendars, for July 15 will be a day to remember. After bankruptcy forced Hostess to pull its beloved snacks from shelves last year, millions of heartbroken fans expressed sorrow over the loss of Twinkies. Well Twinkie lovers, your voice has been heard. The private equity firm that now owns Hostess has announced that on July 15, Hostess snacks will once again be made available in stores across the country. And, good news for health-food fans who also want to indulge in the sweet goodness of the cream-filled cakes; Hostess has said it will also be releasing new low sodium, fiber-enriched, low sugar and gluten-free snacks …

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Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

GF? Really? That would be awesome. We have allergies in our house and finding reasonably priced snacks can be a challenge. Although my son's corn allergy will likely make their products unusable in our house.

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