Did Van Gogh Paint the TARDIS Into One of His Paintings?

Well? What do you think? Did Vincent Van Gogh—one of, if not the, greatest painter in history—paint Doctor's Who' s preferred method of transportation into one of his impressionistic landscapes? It's totally possible, seeing as the Doctor visited Van Gogh in a famed 2010 episode of the show. Sounds crazy, you say? Well, then, what do you call that bluish blob at the top left corner of a newly discovered Van Gogh original? The piece is titled “Sunset At Montmajour”, but it should probably be called "Saying Good-Bye to Doctor Who," because that was clearly the inspiration here. Do you still doubt? Well, don't tell a Doctor Who fan that. They do not like hearing that Doctor Who isn't real ...



Thanks for being "that guy" so I didn't have to. That was what I clicked through for.


It's finally happened!! Now we can discuss Doctor Who in art classes now!! Museums will be more cool now!


YES this is amazing.


I mean... I love Doctor Who, but that's clearly not the TARDIS. It's a building, you can see how long it is.

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