Did Van Gogh Paint the TARDIS Into One of His Paintings?

Well? What do you think? Did Vincent Van Gogh—one of, if not the, greatest painter in history—paint Doctor's Who' s preferred method of transportation into one of his impressionistic landscapes? It's totally possible, seeing as the Doctor visited Van Gogh in a famed 2010 episode of the show. Sounds crazy, you say? Well, then, what do you call that bluish blob at the top left corner of a newly discovered Van Gogh original? The piece is titled “Sunset At Montmajour”, but it should probably be called "Saying Good-Bye to Doctor Who," because that was clearly the inspiration here. Do you still doubt? Well, don't tell a Doctor Who fan that. They do not like hearing that Doctor Who isn't real ...




damonridesbikes replied to Brandon W. Peach's comment

Thanks for being "that guy" so I didn't have to. That was what I clicked through for.

Avery Laing


Avery Laing commented…

It's finally happened!! Now we can discuss Doctor Who in art classes now!! Museums will be more cool now!

Heather Rose




Anna commented…

I mean... I love Doctor Who, but that's clearly not the TARDIS. It's a building, you can see how long it is.

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