Daycare Teacher Fired for Extinguishing Daycare Fire (Yes, in Florida)

Here's the situation. Imagine you're a daycare teacher, looking after your class at the Little Temples Childcare in Jacksonville (the one in Florida, of course) when you discover that the oven outside your classroom has caught fire. You attempt to put the fire out, but then the fire alarm goes off. Collecting your wits, you rush back to your classroom, rouse your class from their naps, lead them outside to safety, run back inside to make sure all your children are safe and then put out the fire before the fire trucks show up.

So, children saved. Building saved. Fire out. You're a hero, right? Well, that shows how much you know, because this is the tale of Michelle Hammack, who went back to work the following day and was promptly fired for leaving her children alone in a classroom (to go put out a fire, remember). "It's not acceptable, and if anybody else does the same thing, I will fire again," Little Temples owner Olga Rozhaov told CBS. "I will fire them. No question."

So, Michelle Hammack was fired for saving her building from a fire. It's just another reminder to always think twice before saving someone's life ...

Update: Super sleuth commenter @KylesInternets did some intrepid investigating and found that Hammack actually left the classroom to make the lunch that ended up causing the fire in the first place. This, admittedly, makes the whole situation a little less a cut-and-dry case of bureaucracy run amok.




Ron commented…

Those beaurocrats at the day care are completely disgusting--this teacher did the right thing, something heroic. Those morons who fired her are apparently only capable of thinking like robots, instead of human beings. Is this what you think Christians are supposed to do--take no action, when action is needed? Fools like you give the Christian faith a very bad name. The world already has too many 2-legged cattle who stand there passively and watch while someone is being hurt, or robbed, or at risk of dying. I despise you, for encouraging this kind of filth.



Andrew replied to Ron's comment

Ron, you clearly do not understand sarcasm. I think the point was to highlight the first point you made — that the owner of the day care made a heinous mistake in overlooking this woman's heroism — not to praise the owner for her actions.



Kyle Christopher


Kyle Christopher replied to Ana's comment

What Andrew and Ana said.

Kyle Christopher


Kyle Christopher commented…

I was bored at the end of my day so I just called the daycare (not kidding.)

I talked to the owner's daughter. What this article leaves out is that the teacher left the classroom unattended while she went to make her lunch in the oven (chicken nuggets), came back to the classroom, forgot about her lunch in the oven which then caused a fire. The teacher then put out the fire that she started. The FBI will likely be investigating the teacher in this case for spreading malicious rumors about the daycare. Stay tuned. And check your facts.

Kyle Christopher


Kyle Christopher replied to Kyle Christopher's comment

Also this teacher was not authorized to take a lunch break during classroom time, especially whilst leaving her classroom unattended. Her lunchtime was not until 2 pm and the fire occurred around 12:30 pm according to the daycare. Her lunchtime is late because employees schedule their lunch break according to what time they come in. So a later start time means a later lunch, a pretty standard practice.

Kyle Christopher


Kyle Christopher commented…

thx for the shoutout, bros

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