Of Course Kanye Is Considering Titling His Next Album 'I Am God'

Obviously, Kanye is contemplating titling his next album I Am God. This barely even warrants reporting. What would you rather he do? Not title his next album I Am God? Would you also ask the sun to stop shining? What's even better is that the BBC is reporting that the title is "half tongue-in-cheek," which is equally obvious. Kanye is might call his next album I Am God, but it's only a joke. Mostly. Well, it's half of a joke. The point is, anyone who has even a passing idea of who Kanye West is will not be surprised by this news, and since almost everyone has a passing idea of who Kanye West is, this is barely surprising. What's more surprising is what he's considering naming his first son ...




Skevin commented…

Remember the weird love-affair we all had with Kanye around "Jesus Walks*"? Ah...memories.

*Still a great jam.



Smoothee commented…

Didn't Jesus say something about people being prideful during the last days?

Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Attention seeking at its finest. Combine him with his lady love and you have the dynamic duo of attention seeking!


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