The Coke Machine That’s Uniting People in India and Pakistan

Of late, Coca-Cola's marketing has focused on genuinely heartwarming, life-affirming, live-action experiments to attempt to show that the world is full of genuinely nice people. The free money-dispensing ATM in Spain was their last example—and now, we have this: In recent decades, the countries of India and Pakistan have had a tense relationship. Following years of military conflicts and political disputes, citizens of each country do not have much contact with one another. As part of their "Small World Machines" campaign, Coke created a special vending machine which (in addition to serving ice-cold, refreshing beverages) creates an interactive connection with someone in the other country. You can watch this, kind of touching, video and see the “live communications portal” in action …


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

That was amazing! I can't stop crying, did coke hire someone at Hallmark to make this video?


Todd Hobart


Todd Hobart commented…

The slow, inexorable triumph of American imperial consumerism continues... uniting the peoples of the world...

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