Christian Tingle: Finally, a Dating Website for the Rest of Us

Two guys named Tripp and Tyler have put together the dating website you've been hoping for ever since you kissed dating goodbye. It's called Christian Tingle and it's the dating website we've been waiting for ...


Kendra S. Wiley


Kendra S. Wiley commented…

I don't think it's particularly funny. It makes me sad that some people are so crazy that they actually buy into things like that.

Lana Hillman-Neher


Lana Hillman-Neher commented…

Classic - - Love this video. It has made me laugh since I first saw it.

Sarah Levesque


Sarah Levesque commented…

Psh! Don't think you can fool me, Relevent. This is obviously fake. "Sara" is spelled the heathen way. #Iamontoyou

Chance M


Chance M commented…

The first one was funny, the second one was really....sad.

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