The 'Chipotle of Pizza' Is Coming

Recently, Chipotle's been out-performing conventional diners in terms of prices and according to Bloomberg, is "the third-highest price-to-earnings ratio of all U.S. restaurants with a market capitalization of at least $150 million." Not sure what all those words mean, but it sounds great. And someone's looking to take that greatness to other forms of food with Blaze Pizza, an assembly-line style pizza place that aims to match Chipotle's affection for healthy alternatives to fast food that don't sacrifice much in the way of speed. It's gained some celebrity endorsements and scraped together $3 million in investments, so it may well be coming to a place near you, if it's not already ...

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Mike Orr


Mike Orr commented…

One of their two current locations is here in Pasadena, CA. I think it is great, and one of my initial thoughts upon trying it was how much it resembled Chipotle (which I also enjoy). They have plans for three additional locations. I hope they will have many more!

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