Campbell's Finally Reaches Out to Hipster Soup-Lovers

As everyone knows, hipsters love soup. They are always talking about soups, soup ingredients and preferred methods of eating soups. But hipsters hate cans. That's something else everyone knows. So goes the logic behind Campbell's new rebranding of itself in an attempt to reach the hipster set, with a brand new batch of decidedly Trader Joe's-esque flavors and, most notably, minus the classic Campbell's can. These new soups come in a pouch, so all you hipsters can finally enjoy your beloved soup without having to put up with those cans you hate so much. Or something ...



Shwnmtthw commented…

Looks like fancy wet dog food packaging.

Greg Warner


Greg Warner commented…

Hipsters hate cans? But they're so retro! And Andy Warhol made them cooler.

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