Businessweek: Rappers Are Lying about How Much Money They Make

It’s not uncommon for certain hip-hop stars to brag about how much money they have, but according to Bloomberg Businessweek, most of them are totally lying. This funny infograph (warning, a few of the lyrics referenced contain profanities) compares actual song lyrics making bold claims about personal income to actual personal income. The biggest offender? Pitbull, who claims to “make dollars, I mean billions,” made just under $10 million last year. That’s still pretty successful, but unless his career lasts for 100 years, he probably won’t make it into the billion-dollar category …

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Hannah Sachs


Hannah Sachs commented…

That is assuming they are making all their money legally. A lot of their lyrics reference cash in relation to pimping. Snoop Dog admits to being a Pimp, and that can bring in several thousand per girl per day. And let's not even start talking about drugs . . . .

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