Apple Announces That iPhone 4 Is Basically a Fancy Paperweight Now

Your iPhone 4 has officially become a thing of the past, with Apple's big reveal today of its long-expected iPhone 5. The new model features a bigger screen, a thinner case, and faster wi-fi and camera capabilities. It also features a new power dock, which means your charger and stereo adapter are headed the way of the car phone as well ...


jlynch07 (not verified)

...another new gadget. let the worship of the golden calf begin. I don't know for sure, just guessing here, but I'm betting it probably won't change my life. It probably won't make me seem as cool as I want it to. When I put it on the new 8 pin charger at night, I'll probably still have to deal with my shortcomings. Who knows. I could be wrong.

Anonymous (not verified)

Excellent Jesus Juke.


Yeah, Apple! Technological innovation and leadership is sooooo yawn inspiring...

Lloyd Moritz (not verified)

And the iPhone 5 is an even fancier paperweight

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